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Microsoft Enable Frontline Workshop

Frontline workers on a construction site.

Empower your frontline workforce 

Frontline workers have a direct impact on business growth and operations. But even while essential, frontline workers may be overlooked during digital transformation efforts.

Make sure your frontline workers have the tools they need to serve your customers and your business.

Attend a Microsoft-funded Enable Frontline Workshop to develop a roadmap and solutions unique to your business challenges.

What an Enable Frontline Workshop delivers:

In the Frontline Worker Workshop for Microsoft Teams and Atlas, ClearPeople will work with you to empower and maximise the impact of your frontline workers. The workshop takes the form of three phases:

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Together with you, we assess challenges and pain points your frontline workers face.

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We identify and prioritise scenarios for your frontline workers in collaboration with you

Design and Plan icon

Design and Plan

Out of the workshop you will have developed relevant solutions and devised an actionable plan

Apply now for a Microsoft-funded Enable Frontline Workshop

ClearPeople’s partner status as Co-Sell Ready and SSPA compliant allows us to deliver these premium and well-structured workshops sponsored by Microsoft.

The offer is launched on a first come first serve basis for each eligible customer applying for an Enable Frontline Workshop, as Microsoft have set aside a funding cap and a time limit.

Please fill in the form so we can verify your eligibility. We'd love to see you there.

Enable Frontline Workshop


Why ClearPeople delivers the Microsoft Enable Frontline Workshop

These well-structured, premium workshops sponsored by Microsoft are able to be delivered by ClearPeople as a Microsoft Gold Partner with longstanding experience in helping organisations in construction, utilities and other industries achieve their IT business goals. ClearPeople offers unrivalled expertise and innovation in Microsoft technologies.