The first truly CMS-wide online client-facing system. There was a very real need to serve the legal and business community with a user-friendly, comprehensive and heavily managed and maintained digital platform that can be accessed anywhere.

Project Summary

Following direct feedback from clients who told CMS that keeping up to date with regulation and legal know-how in the context of their business is one of their biggest challenges, the global law firm wanted to address this issue.

Before the Sitecore solution was in place, Law-Now was managed using a SharePoint system first developed in 1999 and a legacy content management system as the front end.  Every task was extremely manual and the system did not support daily news updates, sophisticated search enquiries or multi-language content.

We believe the Sitecore solution implemented for Law-Now is a world first. It is highly customised; bringing together an underlying Azure infrastructure with Sitecore Content Management System, Email Experience Manager, Digital Marketing Suite and the AppCenter together to create a platform delivers relevant and targeted information to users.

One of the main objectives of this project was for the effective management of email based content distribution to subscribers in the form of instant email alerts, digests, publications and newsletters. A core component of the solution is therefore a tied integration with Sitecore ExM (Email Experience Manager) to manage and publish the thousands of content items to multiple channels in parallel.


The website is helping to generate new leads as well as nurturing existing clients which is bringing in increased revenue for CMS and firmly cementing is as a market leader. Other competitor law firms deliver reports online, usually in pdf format.  Law-Now is a more developed solution delivering news, articles and commentary that is targeted, relevant and tailored to individual clients and delivered directly to their inbox via Law-Now. The outstanding experience is demonstrated by securing over 28,000 subscribers in this targeted and crowded market place which is testament to the quality of the website.

The Sitecore solution has dramatically improved the way CMS manages its know-how (both internal and client-facing). The ‘add once, use many’ concept has saved up to 10 working days a month in administering the information and freed up time to create further content and deliver a personalised service to subscribers.

Key Features

  • A world-first hosting solution brings together an underlying Azure infrastructure using both IaaS and PaaS
  • Full use of Sitecore’s Email Campaign Manager
  • Deliver multi-lingual content to subscribers 
  • Easy replication and tagging of news content
  • Advanced search
  • Mobile optimised
“Law-Now is a very important tool in terms of maintaining credibility and standing in a market place. When clients are seeing regular updates on new developments… you become the thinking lawyers at the cutting edge of their sector” CMS 
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