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A streamlined SharePoint upgrade with Metalogix. ClearPeople were able to help Knight Frank LLP speed up their SharePoint upgrade utilising Metalogix Migration Manager.

Project Summary

Knight Frank LLP is a residential and commercial property consultancy founded in London in 1896. The company relies on SharePoint as its company-wide collaboration and communication solution. When it was determined that it was time to migrate from its current SharePoint platform to improve user productivity, their internal team faced the challenge of upgrading from SharePoint 2007 and ClearPeople  was selected to make the process as easy as possible.

With over 700GB on a single content database the project seemed daunting, but by harnessing Metalogix’s suite of solutions for SharePoint migration the upgrade was extremely efficient. For Knight Frank’s SharePoint content database, Metalogix StoragePoint externalizes SharePoint content Binary Large Objects (BLOBs), so that they may be stored on less expensive or more appropriate storage systems. This means their SQL clusters can be right-sized for optimal performance and the size of the SharePoint content database can be dramatically reduced while still maintaining critical metadata in the SQL Server SharePoint to ensure content is easily discovered and retrieved for ease of management within SharePoint.


After implementation of one of Metalogix’s tools, StoragePoint, Knight Frank LLP’s database has been reduced from 700GB to 48GB. Knight Frank are able to use Selective Restore Manager for SharePoint to simplify the process of restoring items, all without having to rebuild the entire product database or deploy a temporary SharePoint recovery farm. Now Knight Frank is able to connect directly to its native SQL Server backup files, and navigate them as though they were live SharePoint sites.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive feature set
  • Common user interface
  • Strong SharePoint integration

“Metalogix offered a comprehensive suite of solutions to help us reduce our database size and migrate our content to the new SharePoint version while also enabling us to restore individual files and documents for seamless data protection.” Knight Frank LLP

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