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We’re creators of the smarter digital workspace that transforms the way you work.

As businesses aim to satisfy the ever-growing demands of their employees and customers, the way they interact and engage with them also has to evolve. The digital workspace is central to this engagement - a collection of evolving technologies designed around your user’s needs that will give them the space and freedom to work securely anywhere and on any device.


Technology is the major play in the digital workspace, but it is our belief that the future is one where technology adapts to our needs and abilities, not one where we are having to adapt to technology.


Different organisations have different priorities and requirements and thus there is no “one size fits all” approach to this technology evolution, but there are key stages in how you can optimise the benefits of your digital workspace. We have created a maturity model that illustrates how connecting people, processes, systems and information in a mobile-first, cloud-first world can drive more strategic value out of your digital workspace, increasing efficiencies and productivity. 

Stage 1 – Information Publishing:


This is your classic intranet, focused on primarily meeting the most basic of employee needs such as the dissemination of news, providing corporate information, policies and relevant templates for each department.


Stage 2 – Interaction:


This is the stage where employees are provided with information and services that enable them to better manage their work and they can contribute to the digital workspace through available tools like discussion forums.


Stage 3 – Collaboration:


This is where the real meaning of the digital workspace starts to develop, focused on communication, collaboration and social tools so that employees have a single interface through which they can work together and share knowledge with one another via multiple devices.


Stage 4 – Digital Workspace:


The focus of this stage is on encompassing all the digital technologies people use to get work done. This could include integrating a whole host of systems and applications into a single, consolidated and dynamic interface while continuing to improve communication, information-sharing and self-service components.


Stage 5 – Intelligent Workspace:


For ClearPeople, it is the Intelligent Workspace that organisations should strive for. This is where the big and repeatable business ROI is found, by getting the digital workspace to work for you and helping you spend less time creating more valuable outcomes. Together with modern approaches and cutting-edge AI and automation technologies (like Cognitive Services, Graph and Bots) we are making the future digital workspace a reality today. By minimising the mundane and repetitive tasks, the Intelligent Workspace enables smart, effective and productive working.


What is 5 minutes a day worth to you?


At work, we spend significant amounts of time on mundane tasks. What if we could save each of your employees 5 minutes each day, and next month find another 5 minutes to save? What if we could save up to one hour per day by automating, speeding up or completely removing these tasks from your workforce’s day altogether?


The Intelligent Workspace does just that, using smarter technology to help you do things faster. Think of these use cases where the Intelligent Workspace could save you 5 minutes:

  • Quickly pick the right area for collaboration with colleagues
  • Automatically and cleverly create new collaboration areas
  • Suggest places where I should save files to
  • Automatically tag documents and images 
  • Guide me on relevant processes and procedures
  • Suggest relevant documents to me based on what I do
  • Help me reset my password
  • And loads, loads more.


How can ClearPeople help?


We fully understand the challenges faced everyday by our clients and drive dramatic productivity improvements through the use of powerful productivity tools and platforms such as Office 365, Azure and SharePoint. 


Speak to one of our consultants today to discuss how the Intelligent Workspace can benefit your business. 


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