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Atlas is an innovative, next generation intelligent workspace. It focuses on giving users simpler and faster access to information, to easily contribute more and to deliver better outcomes.

The world of workplace communication and collaboration is changing. Teams expect seamless digital experiences to be able to work with colleagues across different locations and time-zones but many of today’s business productivity offerings simply aren’t providing this.

Microsoft Office 365 have recognised this gap in the market but a lot of organisations are stuck when it comes to uncovering its full potential and they generally hit three main road-blocks

  1. The digital workspace aspiration seems too far out of reach 
  2. The various digital tools (Teams, SharePoint, Yammer) appear to be disconnected 
  3. The user experience is often inconsistent and appears confused. 

Atlas is the right choice for your digital workspace because it focuses on addressing these three blockers for successful adoption. 

Of course, Atlas has all of the features of a modern communications intranet, but it has so much more.  Atlas provides a “fabric” that brings together multiple Office 365 tools and other systems and provides a launchpad into applications relevant to the individual user. 

Atlas enables organisations to bridge the Classic and the Modern worlds of SharePoint Online and also provides a consistent user experience across multiple Office 365 workloads such as Teams, Yammer and more - making it easy to navigate the digital worlds of the Microsoft cloud.

Atlas has been optimised for desktop, mobile and tablet devices. Users are only ever just a click or swipe away from their core apps and critical information.

Success Stories




Atlas follows design and UX patterns proven by our expert User Experience team to enhance employee engagement. While keeping an eye on the best practices for UI and UX, we will also apply your brand and style settings to Atlas ensuring the overall look and feel will reflect your business.


Launchpad is an app that will allow users to have quick and easy access to a range of tools centralised in one place. These tools can be within Atlas itself, other internal systems or external web applications.

News Publishing

The news carousel, related news module and global alerts component provides high level communication of organisation news in an effective way, while taking pressure off communicating news via email and other less efficient channels. The news publishing features are personalised to the user’s preferences.
Events Promotion
The global events carousel and related events modules allows marketing and communications teams to keep employees informed as to what internal or external events are coming up. Users will be able to see high-level event information which will guide them to click through to an event page showing more detail. The event features are personalised to the user’s preferences.


Atlas offers users the ability to personalise content that is displayed to them by providing preferences that can be set based upon the customer taxonomy model. These preferences will be applied to the news, events, external insights and knowledge carousels, recent documents, recent knowledge and knowledge spotlights carousel.


Essential for user adoption, the tour is available as a configurable component and provides useful and interactive tips to the user about the features provided. The Tour feature supports multiple steps with images, text and videos.

Yammer Feed

The integrated Yammer feed keeps users informed of the social and collaborative aspects of an organisation. Up to date company information or other relevant information is accessible for users to communicate with each other.
Directory Search

Directory and Search

Being able to find the right information and people is crucial for an effective digital workspace. We utilise SharePoint’s powerful search experience to create Global, People and Expertise Search as well as an Office Directory.

Group Explorer

A real time-saver, this powerful tool is your launchpad to all of your collaboration groups across Microsoft Office 365. Whether the collaboration group was created within Outlook, SharePoint, Planner, Yammer or Microsoft Teams, find it and get to it from here.

Document Management

We harness the best of Microsoft’s document management capabilities and enhance it with custom features to make it easier and smarter.

Content Management

Through best practice information architecture and UX, Atlas aides in findability of content and intuitive use of your intelligent workspace. It helps the user find where they are going and where they have been.

Information Hubs

These are repositories for news, events, organisations and knowledge and each contains its own Site Collection, taxonomy, document libraries, landing and content pages. You’ll be able to maintain disparate security frameworks and workflows with each Information Hub.

Add It

This powerful feature enables all Atlas users to easily add content into Information Hubs. Content may be News, Events, Articles/Content Pages, External Insights and Documents.


If you’re looking to truly understand what is working for your users, the analytic package offers deep reporting and analytics for your organisation’s SharePoint inventory, activities, and assets.


Receive expert Microsoft Office 365 training on demand, divided into convenient and easy to consume chunks of video clips, delivered by an expert classroom trainer.



Deliver value, fast

By combining modern technology with solid experience and UX. You’ll get an advanced technical platform in as little as 6-8 weeks.

Minimise internal resource

Deploying Atlas means you can minimise internal resource requirements and focus on adoption and training rather than months of planning and discovery.

Focus on success

With our Success Services, continuous improvements, feature releases and a focus on adoption, we can ensure your digital workspace remains relevant and your users engaged.

Bridging digital worlds

Atlas enables organisations to bridge the Classic and the Modern worlds of SharePoint Online.
Consistent user experience
Atlas extends and brings together a consistent user experience across the Microsoft Office 365 platform including SharePoint Online Modern / Classic, Teams, Yammer and more.
AddIt Copy
Easy to use
Using our powerful, feature rich UI we enable your users to consume Office 365 workloads in an easy to use, familiar manner.

Technical Section




Atlas is a solution framework and enables an Intelligent Workspace experience by tying together a number of underpinning Office 365 workloads, Microsoft Graph API, Microsoft Artificial Intelligent (AI) services (Cognitive Services, LUIS Language understanding Intelligent Services, Q&A maker, and Machine learning) as well as cutting edge third party tools for analytics and AI based content feeds.

The default Atlas experience lands in an intuitive experience through a well-designed “intranet type” experience with all the navigation and content components you would expect from a modern enterprise grade intranet experience. This is underpinned by SharePoint Online, but Atlas connects users (through the Graph API) with Teams, Groups and Yammer for a deep and rich digital workspace experience. Where relevant, Atlas components surface straight inside Teams.

Atlas works across a multi Site Collection architecture suitable for larger organisations across divisions and geographies. Several Atlas customers leverage Microsoft’s Office 365 Multi-Geo feature to provide a better experience and stronger governance in the local regions. Atlas utilises the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) model for Office 365 extensions, for building SharePoint Online pages and web parts, and generally for client-side development. All pages and apps are built to be responsive and mobile-ready.

The architecture of Atlas means that Atlas customers are able to:

  • Govern and leverage a common taxonomy using the Office 365 Term Store.
  • Introduce advanced - but consistent - search scopes across all Site Collections governed by Atlas.
  • Build-out and manage consistent menu systems, including a powerful taxonomy driven mega menu as well as personalised navigation components.

Book a Demo

Speak to one of our Consultagents about how Atlas can transform your business. We offer a variety of flexible packages and would be delighted to discuss the best route to take on your digital workspace journey. 

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