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The world of workplace communication and collaboration is changing. Teams expect seamless digital experiences to be able to work with colleagues across different locations and time-zones but many of today’s business productivity offerings simply aren’t providing this.

Microsoft Office 365 has recognised this gap in the market and enterprises have been quick to jump on board. We agree it’s a game-changer, but a lot of organisations are stuck when it comes to uncovering its full potential and hit three main road-blocks:


1. The intelligent digital workspace aspiration seems too far out of reach

Companies are firm in their goals for superlative collaboration but lack the experience to realise them. Large investments have been made in Office 365 but it’s often under-utilised and under-performing owing to too much time being wasted in planning and building platforms that quickly go out of date. 

2. Digital worlds are disconnected

So many organisations have numerous systems and a multitude of data repositories and groups across their business, each of which stores thousands of gigabytes of data, often with little security or governance. Furthermore, with the introduction of Microsoft Teams and Modern SharePoint, there’s little consistency for global and local teams across hundreds (sometimes thousands) of Site Collections.

3. User experiences are confused

Within Office 365, there’s an abundance of powerful tools and apps which can transform the way people work. But with so many offerings and not much governance, organisations the world over are struggling to understand what they should be using and when. Too many choices often leads to failure and businesses are crying out for some support. 

This is why Atlas is the right choice for your digital workspace

It’s an innovative, intelligent digital workspace. Atlas accelerates and facilitates the path to adopting a highly mature communication and collaboration infrastructure. It focuses on giving users simpler and faster access to information, to easily contribute more and to deliver better outcomes.

What it looks like

Atlas is the next generation digital workspace. It’s a modular framework that brings together business focused feature packs and information hubs to deliver a ready-to-use communication and collaboration platform in as little as 6-8 weeks.



In the deployment, you’ll receive a Communications Intranet and the underlying Atlas Fabric which includes: 

  • Application launchpad
  • Personalisation
  • Contribute anything / anywhere using addit
  • Embedded social feeds
  • AI/Bot Framework and Connectors
  • Group Explorer
  • Powerful Analytics

The underlying Atlas Fabric ensures you’ll be able to easily build out additional collaboration hubs and take advantage of Artificial Intelligence, Utilities packs and other additional workloads in the future. And it’s all wrapped up in Office 365 and Azure meaning security features are fully integrated.

The Benefits


Deliver value, fast

The Atlas framework and rapid adoption approach delivers business value fast, by combining modern technology with solid experience and UX. You’ll get an advanced technical platform in as little as 6-8 weeks, allowing you to leverage existing investments in Office 365 across Classic and Modern SharePoint. 




Deploying Atlas means you can minimise internal resource requirements and focus on adoption and training rather than months of planning and discovery.

Focus on success

By leveraging Atlas, we roll-out a package of features that delivers “mature capabilities” today.


As Office 365 is always evolving, we can help you to rapidly apply and take advantage of new technology. With our Success Services, continuous improvements, feature releases and a focus on adoption, we can ensure your digital workspace remains relevant and your users engaged.

Bridging your digital worlds

We understand that enterprises across the world have built large SharePoint Online estates and have invested significant resource into building valuable content. When an organisation has many Classic Site Collections in production and wants to start provisioning many new Modern Site Collections, it’s simply not feasible to throw all the previous work away. Atlas enables organisations to bridge the Classic and the Modern worlds of SharePoint Online.

Consistent user experience

Atlas extends and brings together a consistent user experience across the Microsoft Office 365 platform including SharePoint Online Modern / Classic, Teams, Yammer and more. Using our powerful, feature rich UI we enable your users to consume Office 365 workloads in an intuitive and familiar manner. We let Microsoft do the “heavy lifting” while we concentrate on delivering information to the user when they want it and how they want it.

Who is it working for?

We used the Atlas framework for global consulting firm, Korn Ferry. They didn’t just want another intranet. They wanted an intelligent workspace with smarter tools that make it easier for employees to get work done and deliver better quality solutions for clients.


Korn Ferry

There’s more…


Success Services

Identify and describe what success looks like. We’ll assign you a whole Success Services team tasked with driving adoption and investment returns related to specific success criteria related to specific groups within the business.

Analytics by tyGraph

tyGraph is an award-winning suite of reporting and analytics tools for Office 365.

Analytics is available for Atlas in Base and Advanced Editions:

  • If you’re looking to truly understand what is working for your users, the Base edition provides a tool that offers deep reporting and analytics for your organisation’s SharePoint inventory, activities, and assets. This solution also reports on professional OneDrive data
  • The Advanced edition covers all of your key Office 365 workloads including SharePoint, Yammer, OneDrive, Exchange, Teams, and Skype

Office 365 Training Content

Your complete training solution for Office 365:

  • Expert Microsoft Office 365 training, on demand, divided into convenient chunks and delivered by an expert classroom trainer.
  • Provided for all Office 365 users
  • Training content is constantly being updated to match the latest Office 365 releases, so you’re always up to speed with new features and improvements


Discover a new world of communication and collaboration today

Speak to one of our Consultagents about how Atlas can transform your business. We offer a variety of flexible packages and would be delighted to discuss the best route to take on your digital workspace journey.


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