Harness Knowledge


Harness employee knowledge 

When workforce numbers are constrained, organisations must become more productive and the knowledge element of the digital workspace is a primary mechanism for change. 

For knowledge to flow freely in your organisation it must be easy for people to share what they know and to have what they need to know presented to them rather than having to blindly search for it. 

Atlas personalises information, blending what’s important to the user and to the organisationto ensure that what every user needs to know is front and centre.  Equally importantly, Atlas provides a simplified yet fully governed method for contributing knowledge to the broader organisation, which democratises knowledge management and ensures its relevance and timeliness. 

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Pushing the boundaries of knowledge

Our unique experience and expertise working with knowledge-intensive organisations inspired us to innovate and push the boundaries when we developed Atlas.

Atlas integrates all the elements of Microsoft 365 and allows users to seamlessly and simply access all of Microsoft’s powerful capability through a common interface.


Atlas is for the many

Most knowledge management systems are designed so those who know how, can contribute. Atlas on the other hand, enables everyone across the organisation to easily share and find information.


Everyone should be able to learn and grow

Atlas' smart tools prompt users to learn more as well as continually contribute valuable knowledge. We have purposefully built a platform that promotes inclusivity.

Harness knowledge with Atlas

We would love to discuss Atlas in more detail with you. 

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