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"As a new starter, Atlas helped me to engage with my colleagues and quickly get going on my tasks"

Atlas makes the findability of knowledge easy and intuitive. 

Atlas cuts through all the digital communication noise and delivers relevant messages, whether you are a new starter or to different parts of the business.

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Users actually find all that great content

Atlas not only aides the creation of great content but also importantly the findability of content and all of this presented in a beautiful and intuitive interface. Group Explorer helps you find content across Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Groups, Yammer and more.

Enable easy and simple contribution

Quickly find your coworkers with a comprehensive people directory to start collaborating. Our powerful tool "Add It" enables you to add any content anywhere without any technical knowledge.

Quick user adoption

We all need helpful hints from time-to-time. Atlas Tour offers a self-guided tour of the key pages of your digital workspace. Essential for user adoption, this is available as a configurable component.

Microsoft Teams illustration with two people

Get the most out of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork in Microsoft 365. In this useful guide from Microsoft, you'll find tips and tricks to get the most out of Teams, for all teams in your organisation.

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Nandos restaurant

Success Story - Nando's

An Atlas Digital Workspace for Nando's to gain and retain better employee engagement. 

Atlas has helped to enhance information sharing and collaboration internationally across the entire group.

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Atlas for KM

How to measure knowledge contribution, keep up with ever-changing technology, ensure data relevancy and keep information accurate and up-to-date?

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