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Atlas Enhances Customer Experience

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How do bring value to your customer? You give them the information they need quickly and consistently 

How much does an RFP response cost you? If you could do it 20% faster with 20% fewer resources - what is that worth to you? What if you could reduce the time to answer a prospective customer query by 80%? 
Atlas connects your employees and trusted partners to valuable information and insight. Making it the single source of truth for your organisation.


Sales Enablement

You’ve invested a lot in your CRM, and for good reason, but how much time does your sales team still waste on admin, answering client queries or putting quality proposals together?

Set your sales team up for success by providing then with the resources they need in one place.

Sales Centre

Give your sales team information, knowledge and insight in one place and wherever they may be. The Atlas sales centre not on has the latest information, documents, tools and resources for your products or services but also value-added insight from everyone across the company. 

Improve Collaboration

Distributed teams are enabled to effectively work together and can help support efforts.

Increase knowledge sharing

Atlas makes it easier for busy sales teams to share valuable information and helpful resources. Atlas also connects employees across the entire organisation so best practices, tips and guidelines are always easy to share and see. 

Measure Impact

Gain insight into how the sales team are finding and sharing information. Learn what correlates to positive sales numbers. 


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Partner Enablement


Inform your external partners so that they can better cooperate with your sales team. Improve results for everyone.

Share Information that Makes a Difference

Provide partners with up-to-date and relevant collateral as well as the latest insights. Make everyone more effective in driving sales. 

Improve Engagement

Atlas helps partners and sales teams to connect more easily, share information and support common goals.


Understanding the impact of collaboration, which collateral was downloaded the most and what has led to positive results. 


Brand Advocacy


Encourage employees to share more. The best PR comes from inside your organisation, Atlas makes is easier to enable and empower employees to become your best brand advocates. 

Create Advocates

Provide employees with targeted content based on their profile that they are likely to care about so that they can share this externally.

Amplify Voices

Provide employees with easy ways to share success and stories internally, that can then be amplified externally.

Client Stories

TMHCC Global Case Study - Thomas H - No4 - Collective-Engagement-Success


Thomas Harmeyer, Executive Vice President of Tokio Marine HCC provides helpful insights from a global executive's perspective.

Thomas covers a broad range of topics from the strategic objectives, goals and drivers to how he, within a short timeframe, saw the positive impact of using Atlas. 

Atlas connects your employees and trusted partners to the right information.

We would love to discuss Atlas in more detail with you.


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