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As a national supplier in the hospital and healthcare industry, their data is growing exponentially. Wanting to migrate their data from on-premise systems into the cloud, NHS Supply Chain sought ClearPeople’s expertise to provide and implement best practices in data migration across all systems, and to enhance their current Sitecore platform.

The Vision

NHS Supply Chain required assistance with the migration of their existing Sitecore platform to the CSC Cloud Environment, as well as the migration of data from their Oracle database to a SQL server database to be compatible with Windows and to reduce costs. With over 12,000 different users, ClearPeople had to effectively sync over user access and all of the data located on their servers into the cloud whilst sustaining site and content management performance. ClearPeople worked in cooperation with NHS Supply Chain and CSC to develop a comprehensive project plan to implement a successful migration.

The Solution

As Sitecore data migration experts, ClearPeople was a natural fit for this project. ClearPeople effectively implemented a complete re-platform of NHS Supply Chain’s existing Sitecore website into the cloud hosted by CSC. The migration solution also took advantage of migrating from Oracle to a SQL server to remain compatible across windows technologies. Enhancing the existing Sitecore platform allowed the web team to improve their site and to expand and enhance the overall experience and usability of the CMS. The migration of data from traditional servers to the cloud significantly reduce costs as managing servers and IT staff is no longer needed as it exists within the cloud solution. In addition, the cloud services also provide the latest security measures to ensure that data is stored securely. During the migration process, ClearPeople worked in accordance with CSC to support the latest security guidelines.

Other key features of the migration and Sitecore enhancement included:

  • Re-developing content editor functionalities in Sitecore to be more responsive and to update in real-time
  • Expanding and enhancing Sitecore practices from its original build
  • Migrating data without disrupting performance across all systems
  • Omitting the need to outsource IT resources as cloud solutions manage itself
  • Improving access to information and e-recovery
  • Providing documentation on best practices in Sitecore
  • "I’d like to thank ClearPeople for an extremely professional service. All aspects of your work and personal involvement, from initial engagement through to the final transition has been to the highest standard. Many thanks on behalf of the whole team, it has been a pleasure to work with you all."

    NHS Supply Chain

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