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A leading-edge SharePoint document management system. GDF Suez’s corporate teams in Dubai and Bangkok identified the need for a document management system following increasing difficulty in finding the right information, lack of security and compliance and more with the storage of electronic documents saved across a wide range of locations.

Project Summary

One of the leading energy providers in the world, GDF SUEZ is active across the entire energy value chain, in electricity and natural gas, upstream to downstream. Their Dubai and Bangkok offices identified that they had a lot of documents saved across multiple locations and servers making locating them extremely difficult.

ClearPeople were asked to develop a solution that would focus on the in-house legal teams for management of legal documentation relating to projects, and also enable the Acquisition Investment & Financial Advisory (AIFA) to have project collaboration areas including document management.

The solution was based on SharePoint as the underlying platform technology, taking advantage of a whole range of out of the box SharePoint features including: Managed Metadata, Term Store and Term Sets and Retention Schedules tied to Content Types.


ClearPeople implemented a SharePoint Document Management solution which integrated MacroView Document Management Framework (DMF) to successfully standardise the work and processes across GDF Suez’s teams.

The solution has allowed individual users the capability to quickly set-up team-sites, project sites, matter sites and more for consistent filing and collaboration achieving benefits such as version control, audit/change history, compliance, single version of truth, increased security and more.

Key Features

Users are able to continue to work in Outlook as their primary interface, while having very efficient and user friendly access to the SharePoint EDMS.

The solution is very intuitive and has required little formal training to the end users, providing users and teams with a highly collaborative environment

  • “The project has provided real benefits to our teams, and looking back, it is great to see that the vision we had was so well supported and implemented by ClearPeople’s team. They offered very practical and insightful advice and guidance along the way - making sure that our requirements were delivered in an efficient way, but according to best practices. Also, and importantly, ClearPeople's principle of leveraging SharePoint as much out-of-the-box as possible has really paid off in terms of maintainability and low cost of ownership. ”

    Peter De Neef, Senior Legal Counsel, GDF Suez

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