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Charitable organisations large and small often struggle to gain and retain enough people to secure funding. Global charity CBM International is no exception. To better engage with dispersed people, it needs a way to share accurate information too!

The Vision

CBM wanted to continue their work of promoting an inclusive world. To achieve this they realised the necessity for a digital workspace which would reinforce CBM's high standards for accessibility and inclusiveness. Their desired solution would aid their own employees and in turn make a positive impact on the lives of disadvantaged people living in the poorest communities of the world.

Barriers to Success

A key factor preventing CBM’s vision lay with accessing the organisation’s old intranet. Additionally, globally dispersed departments reported that the structure and layout was confusing, very slow, or entirely inaccessible in some geographies.

The Solution

To help CBM transform more lives, ClearPeople was selected to deliver an all-inclusive, modern, and AA compliant communications platform. This was the perfect solution needed to help day-to-day workers provide life-changing work.

  • “We are now able to engage our users across the globe in ways that were not possible before. Being able to offer a more inclusive and accessible platform for our diverse user communities has been a fantastic outcome of CBM’s collaboration with ClearPeople.”

    Dominique Schlupkothen, International Executive Officer, CBM International

Download the full case study

This case study covers:

  • An inclusive and accessible digital workspace
  • AA compliant
  • Improved global access to
    important documentation, news,
    and information.

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