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enhanced digital workspace

Creating a Modern Workspace for a major UK charity. A sense of community and inclusiveness was a primary objective, ensuring volunteers and employees alike feel like part of a team.

Project Summary

As Alzheimer’s Society continues to grow and has a wide spread of people across different geographies and directorates, it is essential that their staff have the best resources possible to improve the efficiency of information finding and sharing, promoting collaboration and a greater sense of connection.

Following a competitive tender, ClearPeople designed and developed the new intranet using Office 365. ClearPeople’s consultants ensured that not only was the right solution recommended, but also that all requirements were met through configuration. Named Arena, the intranet includes many features to support its user community and the tasks they need to perform. Content is being rolled out for each user’s news feed to be personalised based on their location, so that the news stories most relevant to their region will be published first.

The integration with Yammer is something that Alzheimer’s Society have readily embraced and they are particularly proud that users have adopted this new business social platform with eagerness, with uptake and usage much higher than expected. Users are contributing content in the discussion forums and are really collaborating cross-department and region which is a great success to the organisation. The blog has also been successful with increased engagement since launch.


The new intranet design is slick, modular and intuitive. The simple top navigation with just 4 items makes it easier for users to find the information they need, enhanced by the prominence of the site search box. Simplicity of the top level navigation was a purposeful requirement to ensure that the subsequent taxonomy was as straightforward as possible A proportion of its audience are volunteers who do not have regular access to a computer and have varying levels of digital literacy skills. The intranet was therefore designed to foster innovation and collaboration with ease for all users on a variety of devices.

Key Features

  • Easy sign-on
  • Personalised homepage and news
  • Quick links and intuitive workflows
  • Mobile accessibility
  • "Our intranet encourages and enables people to share their experiences and knowledge… This culture leads to a greater understanding of different peoples’ roles and contributions to the Society and the fight against dementia. This is morale boosting, creates shared respect, and by knowing each other's responsibilities, to better work together."

    John Bazley, Intranet Manager, Alzheimer's Society

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