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Atlas and Teams

Microsoft Teams as a Platform

The Atlas digital workspace experience is strongly tied to Microsoft 365 and in particular to Teams. The Atlas user community benefits from an innovative and evolving roadmap which delivers a the experience right into the Teams user experience.

Atlas provides Apps within the Teams platform that enhance the user experience of Teams and bring together data that has been created in separate silos. 

Atlas also provides Apps to easier control, manage and navigate across the wider Microsoft 365 stack, including Teams, SharePoint, Yammer and more.

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We are Microsoft Teams experts

We are proud to say that our experience and hands-on work over the years as well as our in-depth understanding of Microsoft 365 has resulted in ClearPeople being home to world leading Microsoft Teams application experts. 

Not to mention our Customer Success Team who run structured change management programmes and user adoption consultancy alongside our Atlas digital workspace. 

Our aim is to ensure you get the most out of your Microsoft 365 investments. 

Atlas Teams Apps for Management and Navigation

Atlas Teams Apps are included as part of Atlas Digital Workspace but can in some instances also be purchased as stand-alone products.

Atlas Connect

Atlas Connect is an advanced governance and provisioning tool for Office 365. It provides automation for governance, provisioning, management and workspace lifecycles.

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Atlas Group Explorer

Group Explorer is a powerful and user-friendly tool that allows users to easily find and access collaboration areas across Office 365 Groups, Yammer and Microsoft Teams.

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Atlas Add It

Gone are the days of an outdated intranet where only a handful of people can administrate it. Add It enables simple contribution (with the right permission to do so) with an intuitive step-by-step "wizard".

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