Office 365 Adoption

We offer end-to-end Microsoft Office 365 adoption strategy and services.


Our Microsoft Office 365 adoption strategy and services cover Office 365 adoption implementation, education, consulting, guides and tools for adoption.

By combining our in-depth industry knowledge and experience as well as highly skilled consultants, we help our clients achieve high adoption rates.

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How do we drive adoption?

These days it’s not enough to deliver an IT led project without understanding the people that use it. Our approach at ClearPeople is to get to know your workforce before implementing any change management strategy.

ClearPeople tailors an adoption strategy that is unique to you, based on what’s important to business functions and business case scenarios that represent your workforce.

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We listen to your people

Empathy is at the core of everything we do. By conducting user research within your organisation, this helps us to understand areas where there might be resistance when deploying new technology. We get to know and understand what’s important to business functions and then formulate business case scenarios that represent your workforce. This in turn tailors an adoption strategy that is unique to you.

We engage your communities

Champions really are the ears and eyes to your business and will play a key role in any digital transformation. Our champion strategy will help you get to grips with the recruitment process, how to establish a robust network of technology enthusiasts and prepare them for the change.

We prepare you to prepare your people

Our workshops are key in our methodology and is at the core of what we do. We engage with groups of users from People Managers to Key Sponsors and Stakeholders to up-skill them on change and adoption strategies.

We guide and coach you

The face of the change is far more beneficially represented by you then us. Our expert consultants help key staff members to represent the change. We know that being active and visible with any change initiative is one of the top contributors to a successful Microsoft Office 365 roll-out.


Looking at the most effective ways to leverage your investment in Microsoft Office 365?

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