Tips for Teams and Office 365

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To help our clients and users of Office 365, we have compiled a list of useful resources as well as best practice advice and tips from our team.
This page is updated on a regular basis.

Popular Resources

Teams updates

What's new in Teams for 2020 and what are Microsoft currently working on?

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Remote Workshopping

Tips, tricks and tools that will make facilitating remote workshops and focus groups much easier.

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Shorten links

Got links? Four easy steps to shorten and rename any link within Microsoft Teams.

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Guides, Blogs and Online Learning

Balancing work and life under one roof

What happens to work-life balance when employees suddenly go remote? 

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The humanside of business continuity

Microsoft e-book - How can companies use data-driven insights to measure the shift in work?

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Microsoft Workplace Analytics

Microsoft analyzed data on its newly remote workforce with Workplace Analytics.

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The new Yammer is available worldwide

The new Yammer experience is available for all customers, including several additional features.

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Running an all-hands meeting on Teams

Webinar on how to effectively setup and run Live Events in Microsoft Teams.

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Time to relaunch your remote team

Article by Tsedal Neeley (Harvard Business School) on a "working from home” relaunch.

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The new Yammer Communities app

The new Yammer experience for Teams is finally here, and it's for free.

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Basic Microsoft Teams training

Webinar on working remotely with Microsoft Teams, including all the ins and outs.

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20 tips for Microsoft Teams

Key tips for Microsoft Teams that will help you and your team increase productivity.

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The Future of KM

Webinar about the future of knowledge management with Office 365.

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Microsoft Education

Make remote learning effective and engaging with Microsoft Education resources.

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Microsoft Learn

This a free, online training platform that provides interactive learning for Microsoft products.

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Technical Resources

Optimising Office 365 traffic

How to reduce the impact Office 365 traffic has when suddenly lots of users are working remotely.

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Tech guide - remote working

This Microsoft document provides comprehensive guidance and is aimed at IT decision makers/Pros.

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Privacy and Security in Teams

Microsoft's outline their approach to privacy and security in Microsoft Teams.

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