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Best Knowledge Management Platform for Microsoft 365

Knowledge is critical to organisational success, whether it is the projects you are working on, policies and procedures or business critical information.

Atlas provides employees with the easiest, fastest route to the information they need, connects them to the right expert and capitalises on the organisation's collective intelligence.


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The Knowledge Productivity Playbook

  • Overcome knowledge management challenges from knowledge capture to sharing and application
  • Increase productivity by up to 30% regardless of employee physical location
  • Plus much more

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Knowledge in one, centralised place

The Atlas Digital Workplace platform provides a next-generation knowledge management system for curated knowledge and collaboration. 

Atlas is fully integrated with Microsoft Viva Topics and Microsoft Syntex, making it easier to share, find, and collaborate on the knowledge that exists across your organisation.

With Atlas' powerful search capabilities made possible by the comprehensive use of metadata and search web parts, you will provide the right knowledge, to the right person, at the right time!

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Capture knowledge in a single click

How, and where, do you currently store knowledge? 

It's never been easier; by simply clicking 'Add It', you can capture knowledge with no technical know-how. No more lost information; the intuitive wizard takes you through easy steps to contribute knowledge.

  • "With SharePoint Syntex and Microsoft Viva Topics, we’ve found a way now, at scale, to bring together all our information and people, and identify those sorts of experts inside our business and also identify and manage information into more manageable topics."

    Craig Stanley, Productivity and Collaboration Consultant, Northumbrian Water

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Knowledge management: Tools for Sharing and Discovering

Our knowledge management system makes knowledge easy to find and share.

With powerful search tools, information and knowledge management is easy. Knowledge requires simple findability and by using the Atlas wizard to upload and store your data, information, and knowledge, your content is automatically categorised. 

Searchable, navigable and straightforward: Atlas Knowledge Management unlocks the power of your team.


How Atlas stands out as a Knowledge Management solution


Atlas collates documents, external insights and more items that normally sit in separate silos in Microsoft 365.


Atlas automatically applies metadata to information, making it instantly discoverable. 

Knowledge In Focus

This Atlas feature, automatically retrieves search results and presents them to the user in their flow of work.

AI & Machine Teaching

Atlas is fully integrated with Microsoft Viva Topics and Microsoft Syntex to amplify human expertise.


Book a Knowledge Management Demo

If you want to increase your Knowledge Management productivity and get the most of your Microsoft 365 investment, book a demo with one of our experts. 

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