Reimagine your Digital Workspace

The world has changed and so have intranets. It's time to go beyond an intranet and create a digital workspace that empowers your employees.

Put people first and build a first-class employee experience that in turn fuels productivity, streamlines work and improves customer engagement.

Discover Atlas for Internal Communications

Atlas Communications Intranet Features

Atlas Launchpad

Quick access to relevant business tools in one place.

Atlas Spotlights

A powerful way to promote important content dynamically.

Atlas Hero Mode

Showcase fresh and relevant content and what's more it is automated. 

Atlas Search

Powerful search that is proven to save time.

Beautiful Workspace

Choose from a number of beautiful templates or customize this further. 


Target news by audience, location, relevant workspace and more. 

Alerts & Notifications

Ensures important news reaches all employees.

Content Management

Best practice IA and UX makes content management intuitive.


Atlas offers deep reporting and helpful user insights.


We have made accessibility one of Atlas' key features.

Mobile & Tablet

Atlas is optimised for desktop, mobile and tablet including Teams mobile apps.

And Many More... 

Read more about the three key capabilities of Atlas and core features. 


What Atlas does for Internal Communications

Delivers value, fast

Modern technology combined with solid user experience means you'll get an advanced platform in a matter of weeks.

Offers more than an intranet

Atlas is a complete digital workspace solution.

Increases productivity

Employees work smarter and faster with easy, intuitive access to the information, experts, processes and tools they need.

Improves business outcomes

When employees are enabled to do their best, they are engaged and satisfied, resulting in better business outcomes.

Bridges information silos

Atlas brings people and information together so the company can leverage shared knowledge.

Engages employees

The inclusivity and accessibility of the platform means everyone can contribute to business success.


What our clients say

  • "Atlas for us is the front door to our business. When an employee begins their day, it's the first port of call. It houses all the information they need to get started and the Launchpad to take them into the business critical systems they need throughout the day."


  • "Atlas helps us overcome communication issues and allows us to provide a long term, scalable solution where our global offices can provide corporate and localised information that is relevant to everyone"

    Hannah Powell, Marketing & Communications Officer, Tokio Marine HCC

  • "By using Atlas, we hope to deliver innovation, showing higher efficiencies, constantly keeping [people] informed. We hope to put a 'Buzz' back into the workplace"

    Vickie Stevenson, Head of Digital Transformation, Osborne

  • "The aim is for Nimbus [Atlas] to be the resource "everyone logs on to first thing in the morning and simply know everything they need to know for that day"

    Sarah-Jane Howitt, Marketing Director, Weightmans

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Korn Fery Fuse Award 600x256

"Atlas sits squarely on top of Microsoft 365 and is legitimately pitched by ClearPeople as being a ‘digital workspace’, rather than just an intranet. Its primary differentiator is the way it can bring coherence across collaboration spaces and content that may be scattered over different Microsoft 365 tools." - ClearBox Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms Report 2022

Atlas has also been globally recognised with the Nielsen Norman Best Intranets Award.

HubSpot Video


Webinar with Laing O'Rourke and Microsoft

How do you keep a hybrid workforce engaged, informed and motivated? Especially those who are not in the office or working on the frontline.

Get insight from Microsoft speaker Hasan Javed (Product Marketing Manager) and Kerri Warner (Digital Communications Manager), at Laing O’Rourke. They’re using Atlas and Microsoft 365 to help employees become more self-sufficient, productive and engaged within the hybrid working environment.

Watch webinar