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Atlas connects People to Experiences

The world has changed. So have intranets. The best digital workspaces puts people-first and helps you build a first-class employee experience.  

Changing an organisation’s communication culture has the power to fuel productivity, boost employee satisfaction and, most importantly, improve customer engagement. One of the biggest barriers business leaders must overcome is the fallacious fear that digital transformation costs an exorbitant amount.

Atlas makes employee engagement, productivity and collaboration easy.

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Atlas is more than a communications intranet. It is a true digital workspace that is proven to increase knowledge productivity

We focus on people and the mobile experience to overcome the complexities of technology

Inclusivity is key to employee engagement and what drives our Atlas vision

Teams as a Platform for Communication and Collaboration

Do I use Teams, Yammer or SharePoint for communication and/or collaboration?

In this webinar, Microsoft experts and ClearPeople demonstrate how Atlas as an enterprise digital workspace platform for Microsoft 365, incorporates Teams as a Platform for a joined up communication and collaboration strategy.

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Deliver value, fast

By combining modern technology with solid user experience, you'll get an advanced platform in several weeks.



Employees work smarter and faster with easy, intuitive access to the information, experts, processes and tools they need.


Focus on success

Our focus is on continuous improvement so that your digital workspace remains relevant and your users engaged.


Better business outcomes

When employees are enabled to do their best, they are engaged and satisfied. This results in better business outcomes.


Consistent and familiar

Atlas provides a consistent experience as well as a powerful user interface, so that users can work in a familiar manner.


Bridging information silos

Atlas bring people and information together in one place so that you can leverage shared knowledge.

Our approach to Information Architecture makes finding information so much simpler

We use smart technology to automate or facilitate mundane tasks

Atlas Communications Intranet Features


Launchpad gives users quick and easy access to a range of tools in one place.

News Publishing

News carousel, news module, global alerts and more are all part of Atlas.


Everyone should be equipped with the right tools to work more effectively.


Easily add and display events that are relevant to your employees.

Employee Directory

Atlas makes it quick and easy to connect with the right people.

Alerts & Notifications

Keep your team abreast of important news and actions.


Users can personalise content - news, events, knowledge and more.


Essential for user adoption, Tour can be used on any relevant pages.


Atlas follows design and UX patterns to enhance employee engagement.

Document Management

Atlas makes SharePoint document management easier.

Content Management

Best practice IA and UX makes content management intuitive.


Atlas offers deep reporting and helpful user insights.

What our clients say

  • "Atlas helps us overcome communication issues and allows us to provide a long term, scalable solution where our global offices can provide corporate and localised information that is relevant to everyone"

    Hannah Powell, Marketing & Communications Officer, Tokio Marine HCC

Globally recognised

Korn Ferry Fuse Award

Nielsen Norman Group

We are globally recognised including Nielsen Norman Group Best Intranets award.

Intranet & Digital Workplace Awards

Atlas has been recognised with Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards.

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