Atlas for Return to Work & Business Continuity

How are you going to manage the return of your staff?

We have to face the unusual prospect of reintroducing a substantial percentage of the workforce to our businesses. Usually this type of reintroduction is limited to a few people returning from paternity, maternity or long-term sick, but for some of our clients the reality is that as many as 70% of their workforce may be returning at the same time or at least in a short period of time.

Atlas digital workspace solution can deliver great benefits:

  • Atlas can be implemented rapidly
  • Provides an instant platform for communication to employees, customers and suppliers
  • Empowers returners with information so that they can get up to speed quickly
  • Makes digital work more personal and engaging
  • Gives people the freedom to contribute from anywhere and on any device

It is going to be difficult to physically engage all returners. So what to do? This is where we turn to technology and some of the great features of Atlas.

Mandatory Reads

Mandatory Reads

Ensure that new starters or those returning to work after a long period off, have read key documents. This little feature not only provides employees with relevant documents to read but these documents are also stored within the user's profile if they need to re-read it again.

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Atlas Tour


We all need helpful hints from time-to-time Atlas Tour offers a self-guided tour of the key pages of your digital workspace. Essential for user adoption, this is available as a configurable component.

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Group Explorer - My Groups

Group Explorer

Despite our best efforts there will still be important information locked away in Teams. How do you find it? Group Explorer provides very flexible search tools to find Teams and conversations where you may not know the key words to search for but you know who was or wasn’t engaged in the Team, roughly when and some of the important topics being discussed. 

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