Atlas for Sustainability

A single view of your sustainability journey for employees, customers and suppliers 

Companies are increasingly looking to drive competitive advantage from the societal, environmental and economical impact of their operations. Atlas for Sustainability is a single destination for employees, customers and suppliers to access resources, collaborate, review case studies and learn about best practices on the sustainability journey.

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End-to-end collaboration with suppliers and customers

Work with suppliers and customers to identify risks and unlock opportunities. Showcase knowledge, use cases, training resources and best practices with technology that users are already familiar with.


Single view of all sustainability initiatives

See all initiatives in one intuitive and collaborative workspace. Smart filtering lets you find what you're looking for easily.


Comprehensive and automated sustainability management for any stage of your journey

Atlas integrates with Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability - a comprehensive, end-to-end digital solution that helps organizations record their environmental footprint, report internally and externally on progress, and reduce their emissions.



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6 ways Atlas increases sustainability success:

Quick sustainability workspace setup

Quickly create new workspaces customised to support your sustainability drive, with the links and information management model you need.

Enables seamless, natural collaboration

Atlas provides a user-friendly interface that powers both internal and external collaboration. Being part of a team doing meaningful work with visible progress is motivating and inspiring.

Saves your team hours of time

With its powerful, simple search and automated tagging of content, Atlas gets relevant information straight to users as they need it, significantly saving time typically wasted on search.

Leverages Microsoft 365

Atlas integrates with Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability and provides a single intuitive interface to all Microsoft 365 tools.

Captures knowledge

Atlas Add It makes it easy for everyone to add structured knowledge, making it easier to track and monitor the progress of your sustainability drive.

Allows a focus on quality  

A platform that streamlines workflows, improves collaboration and saves time allows your team's  effort to go into producing quality outcomes.