Introduction to Office 365

Our consultants would be delighted to speak to you about Atlas and Office 365.
We are a London consultancy that offers end-to-end Microsoft Office 365 adoption strategy and services that covers Office 365 adoption implementation, education, consulting, guides and tools for adoption.

We work with our clients to help them realise the ROI that Office 365 can bring their business. Our goal is to ensure long-term success and guide them on a journey of evolution as business priorities and ways of working change.

How do we drive adoption?

ClearPeople has one of the strongest teams of Office 365 consultants in the channel. Over the past several years we have developed an engagement model that offers you the best chance to unearth use cases across the business and turn a broad corporate strategy into tangible outcomes. Our adoption strategy and services ensure that these outcomes actually mean something to individuals organisation-wide and will often drive unexpected returns when hidden value is unearthed, exploited and converted into hard cash or other measurable benefits.  Sometimes just a single piece of hidden value can deliver a monetary return that is many times the cost of your Microsoft Office 365 licenses.

Success Pods

We turn these use cases into an engine for adoption. We engage with groups of users in what we term Success Pods. Each pod will have a shared set of activities or business objectives, often across geographies or divisions. By identifying use cases that can be delivered using Microsoft Office 365 and which improve the lot of the pod, we make the broad corporate strategy relevant, meaningful and valuable to each pod.

The use cases are added to a backlog that can be re-prioritised at any time, but there’s always visibility of the value waiting to be tapped and, as users gain skills in Microsoft Office 365, the backlog is constantly added to and progress reported back to the pod on a regular basis, thus maintaining enthusiasm and interest. 

Looking at the most effective ways to leverage your investment in Microsoft Office 365?

Engagement Strategy

A programme of low-cost, broad-reach education followed by product tailoring and user assistance then makes adoption of the Microsoft Office 365 tools required to deliver the use cases that much simpler. After a period of engagement our success consultants will identify and nurture champions in each pod who will continue identifying and refining use cases long after our engagement has ended, thus guaranteeing that adoption continues and evolves.

The highest value use cases are often those that are unearthed and implemented some time after our initial engagement when users fully understand the platform. This is exactly the time when most legacy projects curtail investment. Maintaining focus and helping users at the sharp-end of the business to continually add to the backlog of use cases means that success can be extended way beyond the historic confines of an IT project and becomes a standard way of working and innovating across your organisation.

How can ClearPeople help?

If it sounds like we have the answer to your problems, then contact our Office 365 consultants today to discuss your organisation and our services in more detail. Once we know a bit more about your organisation we can arrange to run a ‘Discovery in a Day’ workshop where we aim to discover the success pods most likely to bring value and drive adoption in your business.

From there we can agree the scale of the required engagement and you’ll soon be on your way to successful adoption of Office 365 and reaping the rewards from freeing the hidden value often locked in the heads or in local systems of the users in your business.


Get in touch with our Office 365 consultants to discuss your organisation and our services in more detail.

Introduction to Office 365

Our consultants would be delighted to speak to you about Atlas and Office 365.

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