SharePoint Knowledge Management Portal for organisations that are already committed to Microsoft SharePoint as their preferred portal development technology.

SharePoint Knowledge Management Portal

For organisations that are already committed to Microsoft SharePoint as their preferred portal development technology, it makes a lot of sense to look no further. It offers an excellent platform to build world-class and industry-leading knowledge systems.

How do you access knowledge?

Without going into too much detail, there are three pillars to accessing information in the systems we implement:

  • We "bubble up" information to users in the context they are in (e.g. we list "Relevant Know How" on a team's landing page)
  • You browse to the information through a "knowledge explorer"
  • You search for information through an enterprise search, or specialised Knowledge Search

How we do it

Using our Atlas solution and a path set out by ClearPeople's "KM accelerator" approach. The advantages are: 

  • Well established approach to discovery and planning
  • Leveraging SharePoint out-of-the-box functionality as far as possible

A successful project is achieved by paying serious attention to the initial Discovery and Planning stage. During this stage, the two single most important activities are:

  • Information Architecture design and planning
  • Taxonomy / classification / tagging strategy

Other activities during this stage include exploring current state, existing knowledge assets, asset transformation, migration, functional scope and much more.

How can ClearPeople help?

Our KM approach is cost effective and requires little customisation, therefore greatly reducing the risk of failure and budget overrun. 

Get in touch with one of our consultants today to discuss how Group Explorer can enhance collaboration within your organisation.

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