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Connect the right people with the right information using Atlas Knowledge Centre for Office 365


We put knowledge, expertise and thought-leadership content at everyone’s fingertips. With Atlas Knowledge Centre for Office 365, information flows dynamically across teams and departments using smart personalisation and tagging features. This is especially important for the growing need of remote working and employee flexibility. 


Social and discoverable

Atlas makes socialising knowledge, facilitating discussions and capturing information easier and more engaging. Targeted Atlas Knowledge Centres are where content relating to a specific business area is collated, only users with permissions to access a Knowledge Centre will be able to view the content.



When you provide thought leaders and subject-matter experts with the tools they need to easily and automatically share their knowledge and work product as part of their daily routine, everyone across the organisation wins.



In most organisations, only a small set of people contribute and share their knowledge and experience to a wider audience. In other words, only a small fraction of your colleagues contribute knowledge, and they typically represent an even smaller proportion of your organisation’s geographic and demographic spread. Why? Well because they are the few that know WHERE and HOW to contribute and more importantly, have the permissions to do so. Atlas Knowledge Centre changes this!



Easily search for, connect with and follow experts in your groups or projects so you can find the right people with the right expertise when you need them.


Mobile and responsive

We have designed Atlas to be optimised for mobile and portable devices. That way you are able to access files and information as well as collaborate seamlessly from any device or location.



Atlas gives the ability to create multiple Knowledge Centres to reflect the organisational structure and business practices. Each Knowledge centre has its own specific taxonomy model for content allowing users to easily find the information they are looking for.


More about Knowledge Centre

Atlas Knowledge Centres are designed on top of Office 365 to accommodate large data sets and take full advantage of the advanced data classification features available in Office 365. There is no limit to the number of Knowledge Centres that can be created in Atlas, each Knowledge Centre has its own unique taxonomy model.


Knowledge Centres are visually engaging, the user experience is enriched by displaying content through Atlas features that bring content to life and are set out intuitively in the page layouts. Whether the content is knowledge pages, documents, content spotlights or in page text, Atlas Knowledge Centres are the ideal place to publish knowledge.


How can we help?

Our consultants will be delighted to speak to you about Atlas, so please book a demo or contact us to see how we can help.

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