Are you ready for remote working?
Atlas helps you to keep important projects on track.
Business Continuity – from Zero to Hero with Atlas

Current events have meant that many companies are either enforcing remote work or putting plans in place to do so. If you and your team are suddenly told to work from home: Are you ready?

How prepared are you to keep important projects on track? Sudden unplanned remote working can easily reduce engagement and undermine confidence.

We have a solution and it is called Atlas - the digital workplace solution for Office 365 where communication, collaboration and knowledge are beautifully brought together to engage your team in one place.

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To make things simpler for our clients and those using or planning to use Office 365, we have compiled a list of useful resources. 

Stage 1: Communication 

When your employees are working remotely, it’s more important than ever to ensure everyone is updated regularly and communication is clear and consistent.
Do you have the right tool to do this?

Atlas can be implemented within days and provides you with an instant platform to share updates to all workers. A crisis communication page can be created instantly to provide company updates, tips, emergency numbers etc. More importantly, this communication can be targeted and personalised based on the employee’s location, job role and more so that you ensure the right information is provided to the right employees at the right time. 

Atlas’ Global Alerts feature is a great way to bring information to the user’s attention, so everyone is aware of the latest updates. The alert items will appear within a rotating carousel on the homepage of your digital workspace. 

Global Alert for crisis communication

Global Alerts

Global alerts are used to bring important information to the user’s attention. 

Stage 2: Engage your remote workers

Now that communication is up and running, it is time to focus on engaging your remote workers. Some workers may feel confused, isolated or even unsure of how they get on with their work. 
Atlas has numerous features that not only help engage workers, but it can also be used to encourage a positive morale (download our whitepaper for more useful advice). 

Our seamless integration with Microsoft Teams means that staff have an instant way to contact their colleagues and physical meetings can be instantly moved to online meetings. 

Atlas Tour provide useful tips and how to’s and there is useful signposting everywhere to ensure that employees gain access to the information that they need.

Our customer success managers will also work with your team to educate users and ensure that the platform is providing valuable assistance to your workforce.


We all need helpful hints from time-to-time Atlas Tour offers a self-guided tour of the key pages of your digital workspace. Essential for user adoption, this is available as a configurable component.
Atlas Tour

Stage 3: Knowledge for productive working

When you are not in the office, how do overhear conversations or in the hallway, speak to the person that can answer your question?

Leveraging our knowledge tools, ensures the consistent flow of information to the people who needs it. Atlas breaks down the technical barriers that block collaboration.

With Atlas’ Add It feature, it’s easy for any user to add content without any technical knowledge. 

Atlas Knowledge Centres are the ideal place for your users to publish knowledge like documents, content spotlights or in page text. Knowledge Centres are visually engaging as well as the user experience is enriched by Atlas features that bring content to life with intuitive page layouts.

Stage 4: Instill good working habits for the long-term

Even though your employees may only temporarily be physically dispersed, with Atlas you can still:
  • Re-enforce company culture and promote feedback
  • Make digital work personal and engaging
  • Empower people with the best technology 
  • Give people the freedom to contribute

This can only lead to more positive outcomes and a more productive workforce.

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Get in touch with one of our consultants today to help you with engaging your remote workers. Call 020 3376 9500

Are you ready for remote working?
Atlas helps you to keep important projects on track.

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