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What makes Atlas different to other intranets?

What’s happening in the New York Office? What’s the number for Jenny in Accounts? I’ve booked my flights to Dubai and now need to book some time off work! These are all questions that intranet users are struggling with when finding the answer. People require one place to access company information, people they work with and their daily working tools. Your intranet should provide this. But does it always? Atlas can help you. Its main objective is to help you do your job better, surfacing the information or resource you are looking for, quickly and easily. And it does a lot more!


By focusing on people first, we have overcome the complexities of an Office 365 digital workspace and at the same time, tight integration with business-critical tools enables us to provide a robust, scalable and flexible solution.

User-centred design

Our UX team are experts in creating user-friendly and intuitive experiences. We have delivered hundreds over intranets over the years and know what works well. By focusing on the employee experience, we simplify the lives of employees, thus enabling them to be their best both personally and professionally.


User driven content

Not only do we make it easier for users to contribute content with our Add it feature, we also provide personalised features so users can decide what content they need and what is relevant to them.


Save 5 minutes

Not finding the information needed to do a job well is frustrating. We understand how this feels. That’s why we constantly apply our "Think-5" principle to design smart tools that eliminate this frustration, leaving people to focus on things that matter.



We know taxonomy and information architecture and been put through our paces with firms in the legal sector that make extensive use of document and knowledge management.   



ClearPeople has been delivering accessible digital solutions since the inception of the company. It is this experience, as well as our passion for inclusivity, that we have decided to make accessibility one of the key features of our Atlas proposition.


Our Approach

ClearPeople have revaluated the way businesses communicate internally and how information should be shared. Our tried and tested approach to delivering successful intranets has enabled us to identify the core features and components that allow employees to get access to the latest news, documents and applications from whatever device they are on, wherever they are.


Don't just take our word for it...

We’ve been creating enhanced communications intranets for over 12 years. We know what works to drive employee engagement and adoption for our clients, and what doesn’t.

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