We can help you make the most of change. Digital transformation demands change. Not only in terms of new technology, but also new processes. And all this change affects the most important factor in any transformation programme of works – people. 

What is change management?

Change management is a structured approach to ensure that any modifications or enhancements to technology and processes are implemented smoothly and thoroughly, and that the lasting benefits of change are achieved. Its focus is on the wider impacts of change, particularly on people, and how they transition from one situation to another.

Any organisation going through a period of digital change should strive to achieve:

  • Sponsorship: It is important to ensure there is active sponsorship for change at a senior executive level and to engage this sponsorship throughout the duration of the project to achieve the desired results
  • Buy-in: Gaining buy-in for change from those involved and affected, directly or indirectly, is paramount to success
  • Involvement: Make sure that the right changes are being made by involving the right people in the design and implementation of the change programme
  • Impact: Understand, assess and address how change will affect people – both your workforce and your customers 
  • Communication and Readiness: Ensure people react positively to change by making them aware that it is happening, and more importantly why. Adapting to change is far easier if people have access to the right information, training and help. 

How can ClearPeople help?

ClearPeople help you understand how people will react to digital transformation, so you can better plan and implement strategies as to how to support them through transition. Our adoption team will support and guide you through a number of activities through your change programme: 


  • Research, planning and objective setting


  • Change strategy and understanding the impacts of change


  • We help you deliver transformation through our award-winning digital workspace solutions

Managed services

  • Transition, adoption and engagement strategies

Governance consultancy

  • Teams and role responsibility 
  • Relevant documentation and plans


  • Engagement strategy
  • Tools for communication


  • Training needs assessment
  • Training programme

If you're starting your digital transformation journey and would like to know more about how we can help you make the most of this change, please talk to one of our experts today!


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