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Easily navigate across Office 365 Groups, Yammer, Microsoft Teams and more…
Think back to 2012 when Microsoft acquired Yammer. Back then, it sparked huge amount of debate on how this new platform in the ecosystem would impact SharePoint, Office 365, Skype and collaboration scenarios as a whole.

Now, nearing 2018 the same overall topic is still being discussed, but we have since then added new workloads into the fold, including Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams. 

Organisations now have to consider SharePoint Team Sites, Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Groups, Planner, Yammer and more as part of their overall Information Architecture and Governance Plan.

Roadmap statements from Microsoft make it clear that Groups is a core component of any collaboration workload scenario, while Teams are taking over as the primary interface for Skype for Business in the near future.

Organisations are in effect getting access to more tools than ever before through Office 365; at an unprecedented rate; and with significant impact on the way users work and collaborate. And many are finding it difficult to guide their users through this maze of choice. Which tool should I use for what? Should I use a SharePoint Team site or a Team or a Group?

Clearly, the traditional way of viewing Information Architecture and Governance no longer applies globally across the organisation. 

One key challenge is to ensure that users are guided easily and effectively to the right collaboration area, at the right time and in the right context. If not, then users are likely to either disengage and work locally or create duplicate collaboration areas. In other words, if I don’t know where to collaborate, then I assume a collaboration area doesn’t already exist. 

Sounds familiar? Need a solution? 

Introducing Group Explorer

This is a handy tool for enterprises allowing users to easily find and access collaboration areas across Office 365 Groups, Yammer, Microsoft Teams, and more.

Take the tedium out of having to separately navigate across Office 365 Groups, Teams, Yammer Groups, Planner, SharePoint, and other tools. With Group Explorer you can easily search for content across your core collaboration areas to surface the right information in just a few seconds. 

Think-5: Group Explorer for Office 365 from ClearPeople on Vimeo.


Key benefits:

  • Allows users to have easier and faster access to O365 Groups, Teams and Yammer
  • Reduced duplication of collaboration areas
  • One aggregated view across collaboration areas and tools
  • Visual guides to group type, status, team members and more
  • Quick view of description
  • Quick view of members
  • Direct access to the associated Document Library, Site, Planner and OneNote

How can ClearPeople help?

Get in touch with one of our consultants today to discuss how Group Explorer can enhance collaboration within your organisation.
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