We create collaborative Digital Workspaces to improve internal communication.

There are many definitions of the Digital Workspace, and indeed many different names for it too! You may have heard Digital Workplace, Modern Workplace, Modern and Workspace, and Virtual Workplace to name a few. 


But what is it exactly?


For us, the Digital Workspace is a collection of evolving technologies designed around user’s needs that will give them the space and freedom to work securely anywhere and on any device. It optimises their experience and engagement with the tools and resources they need to help them be more effective and productive. 


First and foremost, it’s important to understand that the Digital Workspace is not an intranet or an out-of-the-box, “one size fits all” product. Employees increasingly use a variety of tools, services and apps outside of your organisation’s corporate network. Their consumer experience is becoming blurred with their working experience and the Digital Workspace helps to bridge this gap. Through integrating, enhancing or developing a mix of systems, servers and apps in the cloud, the Digital Workspace is the new employee experience evolution, designed for a mobile workforce.


The Digital Workspace can consist of and start with any of the following:



At ClearPeople we understand how to turn ineffective intranets into engaging, highly usable intranets that boost communication and productivity.


Document Management and Collaboration Systems

Our approach to Document Management provides businesses with a range of options from light-touch implementations for teams or departments, to large scale enterprise document management projects for global organisations.


Knowledge Management Systems

So what is knowledge, how do you access knowledge and how do we work with our customers to deliver efficient knowledge solutions? What to know more (pun intended



ClearPeople has implemented SharePoint and Sitecore extranets across a wide range of sectors to provide our clients with secure access to their documents.


The size and shape of the Digital Workspace will vary depending on the shape, size and objectives of the organisation, but its key elements should empower:

  • Communication and employee engagement
  • Collaboration
  • Information and knowledge sharing
  • Productivity – working anywhere at any time
  • Business applications – specific self-service tools for employees


The Digital Workspace doesn’t exist without technology. Indeed, technological advancement is the genesis of the whole concept. But too much focus is given to the technology available to build a Digital Workspace, and not enough is given to the people, processes and change management required to make it work the best it can. 


How can ClearPeople help with your Digital Workspace ambitions?

In order to be a success, the Digital Workspace needs to be fully supported by a process of change and designed around your employees themselves. Our Consultagents work with you to create highly usable Digital Workspaces that boost communication and productivity by providing advice on:

  • Strategic planning for your organisation’s internal communications goals
  • Understanding your employees to create engaging and intuitive user experiences designed specifically for them
  • User adoption and people change management
  • Operational management and governance
  • Security and compliance
  • Agile ways of working
  • Best-of-breed technology
  • Device management and enterprise mobility
  • Cloud adoption

Watch our Co-founders discuss how the Digital Workspace enables today’s workforce to get their jobs done more effectively from wherever they happen to be and on whatever device they choose.

Understanding the Digital Workspace from ClearPeople on Vimeo.

Download our A to Z of the Digital Workspace

Take a peek at our Digital Workspace fact sheet.

Talk to one of our experienced Consultagents
about how to make the best decisions for your new Digital Workspace. 

Get in touch with one of our consultants today to discuss how Group Explorer can enhance collaboration within your organisation.

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