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So you have committed to Office 365...

A digital transformation project has been underway for a while and some of your legacy workloads are moving to the cloud. Your users are happily working away using Exchange Online (in fact they never noticed any difference, except perhaps the larger mailbox size). However, the adoption of other core tools is too low. Worryingly, you are still noticing that shadow IT is a popular occupation of many, and a significant number of your users openly use WhatsApp to communicate internally and externally.


What’s holding back adoption of Office 365?

After spending some time informally gathering feedback, it becomes clear that a few general themes are holding back adoption of Office 365:

  • There is confusion amongst users in terms of what to use when and for what. For example, where to file documents - do they use SharePoint, Teams or Yammer or should they stick to legacy document management system and file shares?
  • The inconsistent search experience when using the Office 365.
  • Active users complain that they are spending too much time swapping between applications looking for files, conversations etc.
  • Some users express concerns that it is hard to understand who has access to what. This is stopping them from sharing in Office 365 and they prefer file shares. Some even admit to saving important documents on their local drives.


Atlas drives Office 365 adoption

Atlas delivers a consistent user experience across Office 365, offering a more intuitive way for users to navigate across the 1000s of communication, knowledge and collaboration documents and conversations.


Secure by design, and with a consistent navigation system alongside an on-brand experience, users feel at home quickly. They can search across Office 365 in a consistent manner, and they can contribute without worrying about how/where. Importantly, IT can take control, while giving the business users a sense of freedom.


With our Connect tool, you can configure business rules (such as naming standards), layouts/templates, owners, members, default meta data and a lot more. Effectively, you can “LOCK DOWN” the ability for everyone to just go ahead and create new Teams or SharePoint sites, and you “OPEN UP” the same ability for everyone – but via a well governed, controlled and friendly user-experience in Atlas Connect.


Combined with other tools and features within Atlas, such as Group Explorer and Add It, … adoption naturally happens.


Within a short while, you will find that well over half your users are active within Teams collaboration areas, and are actively consuming and contributing knowledge across Office 365 whether in SharePoint, Teams or Yammer. You can clearly track this progress and measure the outcomes with the analytics tools that can be bundled in with the Atlas Digital Workspace solution framework.


Read more about Atlas or request a demo today to see Atlas in action.

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