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With Atlas you can!

An increasing problem facing communications professionals is how to provide effective internal communications with limited resources. Equally as important is how to engage managers by supporting them in owning their communications.


Don’t worry, we have a cure for that. Atlas aides in the creation of communication as well as findability of content and all of this presented in a beautiful and intuitive workspace. Atlas helps the user find where they are going and where they have been, but most importantly, they can see all that great content you’re proud of.


Here are some of the ways we do this:


Atlas features Add It. This lets users, with the right permissions, easily add content such as News, Articles/Content Pages as well as External Insights.


With Atlas, a Yammer feed keeps users informed of the social and collaborative aspects of your organisation. It’s all accessible for users to communicate with each other.


News Publishing is made even easier. The news carousel, related news module and global alerts component provides high level communication of organisation news in an effective way, while taking pressure off communicating news via email and other less efficient channels. The news publishing features are personalised to the user’s preferences.


Information Hubs - these are repositories for news, events, organisations and knowledge and each contains its own Site Collection, taxonomy, document libraries, landing and content pages. You’ll be able to maintain disparate security frameworks and workflows with each Information Hub.


Events Promotion - the global events carousel and related events modules allows marketing and communications teams to keep employees informed as to what internal or external events are coming up. The event features are personalised to the user’s preferences.


As a Communications Manager you just want to create a better community in your company. With Atlas, you can!

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