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Employee onboarding with Atlas

Good news for HR! A recent CMS Wire report found that 20% of all intranet projects are now being led by you. But did you know that an intranet can be used to support your processes and meet new and existing challenges too? Think about how time-consuming it is getting all those detailed documents and forms complete to onboard a new employee. You have your checklist and paper-based documents that quickly become outdated or lost altogether.


Stop! With Atlas you can ensure each new employee is given the same onboarding experience, no documents are overlooked, and proper training takes place. Sounds much simpler, right?


Online Employee Orientation

Employees can start onboarding right away with little effort using Atlas Tour. Atlas can also provide an online training calendar which allows new employees to review all upcoming ‘New Employee Orientation’ sessions. They simply select the one that’s appropriate for them, at the right time, and date that’s convenient for them.


Mandatory Read

Do you want to ensure that new starters have read key documents? This little feature not only encourages that new starters are consistently provided with relevant documents to read but these documents are also stored within the user's profile if they need to re-read it again.


One place for varied communication

The way to build a strong culture starts with good communication. That’s why thousands of companies are investing in intranet solutions. Varied communications channels can be leveraged to raise awareness of new initiatives, drive engagement with communications and highlight employee benefits. Atlas not only provides a place to share corporate news but surfaces content from Microsoft Yammer, Teams and other useful sources. This helps to grab the user’s attention and then continue conversations with their colleagues in the relevant channel.


Self-serve for common questions

For HR and line managers, Atlas meets your needs where employees find answers to common questions like ‘How do I request holiday?’ or ‘What’s the company pension policy?’. Atlas helps answer these questions and more. But, most importantly Altas helps grow a self-serve culture where employees get answers to common questions, policies, training and resources without the need to ask busy HR and line managers.


Feature new employees on the intranet

Want to make your new employees feel welcomed and appreciated? With Atlas you can add a New/Featured Employee on the home page of your intranet. This opens-up other opportunities too as team members introduce themselves when they recognise the new employee.


To read more about Atlas, please click here or request a demo today to see Atlas in action.


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