The Essentials Intranet is a must-have platform for any organisation, large or small, to help their employees collaborate more effectively and engage with one another no matter what their role or location.
What’s happening in the Portsmouth Office? What’s the number for Jenny in Accounts? I’ve booked my flights to Dubai and now need to book some time off work!


The Essentials Intranet lets you do all this – and more. Its main objective is to help you do your job better, surfacing the information or resource you are looking for, quickly and easily.


The Essentials Intranet is a must-have platform for any organisation, large or small, to help their employees collaborate more effectively and engage with one another no matter what their role or location.



Our Approach

ClearPeople have revaluated the way businesses communicate internally and how information should be shared. Our tried and tested approach to delivering successful communications intranets has enabled us to identify the core features and components that allow your employees to get access to the latest news, documents and applications from whatever device they are on, wherever they are.


How it works

Our expert Consultagents will work closely with you to get to the heart of your business needs and understand the drivers for your organisation’s communication requirements. We’ll then recommend a customised set of tools and features from our essential intranet menu which is guaranteed to improve employee engagement and boost business productivity.


What it looks like

Essentials Intranet

There is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to intranet design. But one thing all intranets should have in common is placing the end user at the very heart of the platform. We’ll design your intranet around your user and organisation needs, presenting to you the essential building blocks to meet your requirements:



Choose the information, materials, resources and tools to help your staff in their day-to-day jobs.



Choose the best way to deliver this content to an enthusiastic audience to increase engagement.



Encourage your audience to connect and engage with each other by using functionality to support collaboration and communication.



We’ll present designs and functionality aligned to how your company operates, its values, ethos and commitment to its staff.



We’ll actively build your new communications intranet in a matter of weeks, using our expertise and research to tailor the solution to your business requirements.


The Benefits

An Essentials Intranet from ClearPeople provides you with a ready-to-use intranet solution which takes advantage of core SharePoint elements and our years of experience knowing exactly what works best.


Best practice and training

We understand what is essential in getting a communications intranet right and all our solutions are based on client feedback and best practice. What’s more, we’ll provide you with training and launch day support to make sure your solution gets off to a great start.



We’ll work with you to understand exactly what your business and your employees need and can recommend the best features from a wide range of core elements that will ensure you have the right functionality in place to make a positive difference to your employee’s working lives.


Ready-to-use and future-proof

We have a complete menu of tools and components, our project process is streamlined meaning we can get your communications intranet up and running in just 8 weeks. Because we use out-of-the-box SharePoint functionality, all our solutions are upgrade compatible.


No hidden costs

As a Gold certified Microsoft Partner, we’re experts in delivering communications intranets tailored to our clients’ needs. Our solutions require no extra subscriptions or proprietary code, meaning there are no hidden costs and you only pay for the components you need.


Don't just take our word for it...

We’ve been creating enhanced communications intranets since inception in 2003. We know what works to drive employee engagement and adoption for our clients, and what doesn’t.


Alzheimer's Society

The new intranet design is slick, modular and intuitive giving a sense of community which ensures that volunteers and permanent employees alike feel like part of a team.

Alzheimer's Society intranet

Talk to us today to find out more about your Essentials Intranet.


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