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Atlas Digital Workspace

Atlas connects people to knowledge by providing a unified user experience that seamlessly integrates with Office 365 using our three core components - Atlas Communications Intranet, Atlas Collaboration and Atlas Knowledge.

Atlas also includes our smart Teams Apps, Modern Analytics as well as expert delivery and support from our customer success team.

What's included in Atlas Digital Workspace:

Atlas Communication

We know what works to drive employee engagement and at the same time, ensure that critical and relevant information is surfaced so your organisation stays aligned.

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Atlas Collaboration

How do you enable employees to be more productive and better connected? By simplifying and enhancing the experience of Office 365.
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Atlas Knowledge

The key to harnessing and sharing knowledge is how our smart tools promote inclusivity. Connect the right people with the right information.

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Modern Analytics

You've invested in Office 365, but how do you know what success looks like across Teams, SharePoint, Yammer, and more? Maximise the ROI of Office 365 with Atlas and powerful analytics.

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Atlas Customer Success

Our Success team is here to guide, advise, and support you at every stage of your journey from introducing you to Atlas to ensuring the long-term success of your digital workspace.
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Teams Apps

Atlas Teams Apps are included as part of Atlas Digital Workspace but can also be purchased as stand-alone products.

Atlas Connect

Atlas Connect is an advanced governance and provisioning tool for Office 365. It provides automation for governance, provisioning, management and workspace lifecycles.

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Group Explorer

Group Explorer is a powerful and user-friendly tool that allows users to easily find and access collaboration areas across Office 365 Groups, Yammer, Microsoft Teams and more.

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Atlas Add It

Atlas Add It enables any user to add any content anywhere without any technical knowledge. Add It enables simple contribution (of course with the right permission to do so) with an intuitive step-by-step "wizard".

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Expertise and Supporting Services

Teams Consultancy

We make Teams easier, more secure and intuitive. How? Using our smart tools and in-house experts. 
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Teams Adoption

We offer end-to-end Teams adoption strategy and services as well as tools for adoption.

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Intranet Development

We have over a decade of corporate intranet design and intranet development experience.

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Office 365 Consultancy

ClearPeople’s consultants provide both practical day-to-day and deep dive expert advice on Office 365.

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Office 365 Adoption

We work with our clients to help them realise the ROI that Office 365 can bring their business.
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Office 365 Compliance

We provide expert advice on how to implement  governance and compliance on Office 365.
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SharePoint KM

Atlas makes finding and sharing knowledge so much simpler and intuitive in Microsoft SharePoint.

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SharePoint DM

We are at the forefront of delivering Microsoft SharePoint Document Management solutions.

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SharePoint Intranet

ClearPeople are experts at implementing Microsoft SharePoint intranet portals that look gorgeous.

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