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Take Microsoft 365 one step further

Atlas meticulously improves Microsoft technology, giving you the greatest experience possible.

We connect people with knowledge and bring everything together in a single place. Our advanced search and filtering works across your entire Microsoft stack and there’s no need for IT to be involved as Atlas gives the end users the power to get up & go themselves.


"For companies looking to take a more structured approach to how they manage knowledge, govern collaboration spaces, and ultimately get more from their Microsoft 365 investment, Atlas offers some very valuable tools that set it apart from the competition."

ClearBox Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms Report 2022

Atlas Digital Workplace

Atlas is everything your employees could need or want, all on a single platform. It is the only people-first platform for Microsoft 365 that brings knowledge, communication and collaboration beautifully.

Knowledge Management

Atlas makes finding and sharing knowledge intuitive, with tools that engage users to capture knowledge, AI to automate time-consuming tasks and a powerful search experience.

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End-to-end Collaboration

Atlas is the complete collaboration platform across internal teams and external parties. We bring employee experience and customer experience together to encourage knowledge-based relationships.

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Communications Intranet

It's time to go beyond an intranet. The best digital workplaces put people first and help you build a first-class employee experience that in turns fuels productivity, streamlines work and improves customer engagement.

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Modern Analytics

You've invested in Microsoft 365 but how do you know what success looks like across Teams, SharePoint, Yammer and more? Maximise the ROI of Microsoft 365 with Atlas and powerful analytics.

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Atlas Customer Success

Our Success team is here to guide, advise and support you at every stage of your journey from introducing you to Atlas to ensuring the long-term success of your digital workplace.

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Use cases for Atlas

Here are some of the ways our clients are using Atlas, at an enterprise and a business team level, to drive productivity and organisational success. 

Atlas for Enterprise

Knowledge Management

Atlas provides the easiest, fastest route to the information people need makes the capture, management and sharing of knowledge an intuitive, user-friendly process. Atlas has a strong KM focus that enables your people to discover and leverage the tacit knowledge in your organisation. Learn more >


Internal Comms Intranet

Go beyond an intranet; use Atlas to create a digital workplace that includes, empowers and inspires. Atlas' people-first, inclusive approach enables everyone to do their best, most purposeful work, building a culture of engaged employees. Learn more >


Collaborative Work

Atlas provides a single digital workplace where everyone - even external parties - can securely contribute, find and share their knowledge. Learn more >


Atlas for Microsoft Viva

Atlas provides a unified experience of Microsoft Viva, aggregating content, amplifying knowledge and enabling innovation. Atlas and Microsoft Viva are better together. Learn more >

Atlas for Business Teams

Project Work >

Atlas allows your project team to more easily and effectively use all the project management tools that come with Microsoft 365.


Bid Management >

Your existing bid management technology is made easier and more efficient with Atlas, improving your bid quality.


Matter Management >

Atlas eliminates low-value tasks and supports corporate legal teams to allow them to focus on their area of expertise.


External Portals >

Atlas enables a secure and engaging collaboration experience with external parties.


Sustainability >

Atlas helps organisations manage their sustainability journeys.


Equity, Diversity & Inclusion >

Atlas is not only an inclusive, accessible digital platform, but also a single destination for managing and participating in EDI initiatives.


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"Atlas sits squarely on top of Microsoft 365 and is legitimately pitched by ClearPeople as being a ‘digital workplace’, rather than just an intranet. Its primary differentiator is the way it can bring coherence across collaboration spaces and content that may be scattered over different Microsoft 365 tools" - ClearBox Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms Report 2022

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