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Office 365 Business Value

Atlas drives Office 365 business value. Business Value or Business Case statement from our ROI Calculator.

Business value of Office 365

According to Gartner research, the primary reason for deciding to use Office 365 is due to “licensing or costs” and “shifting workloads to the cloud” (approximately 70% of survey respondents).

Said differently, it is clear that not enough companies are basing their decisions on business value. This is most likely a natural consequence from Microsoft’s shift in strategy, enticing customers into the cloud by offering no-brainer Office 365 license deals. CIOs and CTOs however know that it is only a matter of time before the Company Board questions the business value gained from migrating to the cloud.

ClearPeople is seeing this shift in thinking, with many CIOs and CTOs starting to look for ways to leverage all the tools within the portfolio of their Microsoft Office 365 licenses.

Atlas drives Office 365 business value

Atlas solves this problem. Atlas delivers a consistent user experience across Office 365, offering a more intuitive way for users to navigate across the 1000s of communication, knowledge and collaboration documents and conversations.

Secure by design, and with a consistent navigation system alongside an on-brand experience, users feel at home quickly. With Atlas Group Explorer, users can search across Office 365 in a consistent manner, and they can contribute without worrying about how/where. Importantly, IT can take control with Atlas Connect, while providing the business users a real sense of freedom.

These two features, Atlas Connect and Atlas Group Explorer, are amongst many features with the Atlas digital workspace design with real life user journeys in mind, putting people first.

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