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Recorded Webinar: What has 2020 Taught us as Leaders and Women?

28 January 2021

The pandemic has shone a light on the success of female leaders, but women have also been the hardest hit. 2020 changed the way many of us see ourselves and our work.

Katya Linossi, ClearPeople's CEO and Co-Founder will share what she learnt about herself as a leader, wife and mother, with an aim to engage, share and discuss how to apply what was learnt.

A member of the informal Women in AI (or WAI for short) will share research findings with a particular focus on women, who are most at risk of being disadvantaged.

Janet Adams will be talking about the impact AI is having on women, with a focus on how 2020 and the pandemic has sped up digital transformation and use of automation.

You will learn:

  • Tips on balancing competing demands
  • Skills required now and in the future
  • How can we help ourselves and others?

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