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Recorded Webinar :The Reinvention of Office Life

9 July 2020

Recorded Webinar: The Reinvention of Office Life

9 July 2020

Webinar where our experts share their insights on how employers can prepare for those workers returning back to work, whether it is back to their workplace or those returning from a long furlough.

In these unprecedented times, we are reinventing the workplace through technology and trust. You may have had to suddenly adapt to the new way of working but what happens when companies start re-opening their doors again and your colleagues return from furlough en masse?

This session will cover:

  1. Returning workers from furlough – how to engage them and inform them on what has happened while they were away?
  2. How can we feel more connected to our teams?
  3. How do we improve productivity with less resources? How do you deliver more with less?
  4. Mental stress and well-being - supporting the leadership team
  5. What does it feel like coming back to a different workplace?
  6. Recruitment and induction
  7. What opportunities can the changing workplace bring?
  8. Bringing some joy back

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