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Recorded Webinar: The Modern Intranet

1 July 2021

Recorded Webinar: The Modern Intranet

1 July 2021

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The modern intranet is a central hub that plays a key role in supporting the flow of work whilst ensuring employees feel connected and supported.

Whether your headcount is 200 or 10,000 everyone should have the resources and support they need. They should be able to access what they need within the same space they work in everyday.

You will learn:

  • Modern ways of working
  • Introduction to the digital workspace: bringing people, tools and information together in the flow of everyday work
  • From zero to hero: onboarding a remote worker to a new project.

Speakers at this webinar:

  • Simon Ellis-Hughes, Microsoft 365 Corporate Accounts Product Strategy & Growth Lead (Microsoft)
  • Gabriel Karawani, Co-Founder (ClearPeople)
  • Katya Linossi, Co-Founder and CEO (ClearPeople)

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