Recorded Webinar: The Future of Knowledge with Office 365 | ClearPeople, Atlas, Teams, Microsoft Office 365 - March 2020

26 March 2020

Recorded Webinar: The Future of Knowledge with Office 365

26 March 2020

Webinar presented by Gabriel Karawani, ClearPeople's Director & Co-Founder about the future of knowledge management with Office 365.

With cloud solutions now the norm, and data residing in large scalable cloud infrastructures, Microsoft is shifting its attention to assist its customers to take much better advantage of all the “locked value” residing in enterprise data.

Microsoft’s vision for its modern content services is to enable Office 365 customers to uncover and leverage knowledge hidden within the vast amount of unstructured documents each company holds.

Within the remits of sovereign control of the customer’s own Office 365 tenancy and data policies, these modern services aim to drive more efficient records management, automated classification and importantly, support knowledge managers through the knowledge curation process. By automated and AI driven topic suggestions, automated extraction of possible keywords, and by creation of linkages and inferred relations between knowledge, activities and people.

This session covers all the “currently known and public” information about Project Cortex and the Office 365 Content Services.

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