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16 July 2020

Recorded Webinar: The future of knowledge management is here to make your organisation more effective today

16 July 2020

Learn about applying the future of knowledge management today, for today’s challenges.

If you are working to deliver quality outcomes with a smaller workforce or a workforce that now has to work in completely new ways, then you already know that effectively leveraging and sharing knowledge has become a must-have business requirement. 

If you ever spend time thinking about how your organisation can be more efficient and make better decisions by using the information that already exists, then this is for you.

If you believe that there is a lot of knowledge locked up in your data and in people's heads, then this is for you.

With cloud solutions now the norm, and data residing in large scalable cloud infrastructures, customers that utilise Microsoft Office 365 have a real opportunity to start to take advantage of all valuable knowledge residing in data such as unstructured documents. While you keep complete control of your data and data policies in Office 365, you can now take benefit of efficient automated classification, AI-based entity extraction and efficient search. 

Reduce cost by consolidating to Office 365 and leveraging the existing licenses, uncover value by tapping into the data that already exists, and take advantage of the value by making it available across your organisation.

Listen in to this recorded webinar to learn about applying the future of knowledge management today, for today’s challenges.

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