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White Paper: Digital Engagement in the Charity Sector

1 October 2018

Engagement is integral to a charity’s success. Be it online or offline, the combination of emotional connections with your audience helps you to tell relevant, compelling stories that drive your messages home.

From donors to trustees, supporters to volunteers, engaging with your audience online is crucial in encouraging collaboration, fundraising and support.

Content marketing, social media advocacy, email marketing, SEO, user experience and personalisation all have their part to play, and we are hearing more and more from our clients in the sector that audiences are seeking a consistent and integrated approach to giving the right information without bombarding them with irrelevant messages. 

We recently held a roundtable event with digital professionals from a variety of charities and not-for-profit organisations to discuss their own experiences in digital engagement and the tactics that come into play to ensure they have the ability to inform, educate and build lasting and personal relationships with their audience groups.

This report is informed by their opinions and aims to give digital and comms professionals in the charity sector and beyond an insight into the challenges and opportunities ahead. A huge topic to cover in just a two-hour event, this is by no means an exhaustive overview but can help you to elicit further discussion within your own organisation. 

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