Definitive Guide to Employee Experience

29 September 2021

The Definitive Guide to Employee Experience

29 September 2021

Can you win the new war for talent? You won’t if you think it’s about money, titles, or job security. The postpandemic era is becoming defined by employee experience: how your organization shapes the way people work and live, from productivity to flexibility, wellbeing, and everything in between.

The Josh Bersin Company recently conducted extensive research on employee experience (EX) trends, best practices, supporting technologies, and EX maturity across industry sectors. The resulting report identifies the six most important principles of EX; the 15 practices that have greatest impact on business, employees, and innovation; a holistic EX framework; guidance for operationalizing EX initiatives; and an analysis of the EX technology architecture.

The six-part report, The Definitive Guide: Employee Experience, is a response to the emergence of EX as one of the key factors to successfully adapting to new business and workforce challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. The report is based on a survey of business and HR professionals representing 981 companies, hours of conversations and in-depth interviews with senior leaders, and extensive analysis of technology trends over the last year.

The summarised report commission by Microsoft can be opened here: Definitive Guide to Employee Experience

You can download the full report here and the detailed infographic here.