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Microsoft Resource: Creating a Culture of Digital Transformation

1 October 2018

Organisations across the globe are undertaking their own unique digital transformation journeys. “Creating a culture in which technology blends with human potential is where the magic happens.”

Clare Barclay, COO, Microsoft UK

With the rise of AI and machine learning, technology is altering every aspect of the corporate and social landscape, fundamentally changing the way we communicate and disrupting established business practices. Microsoft’s goal in this report is to share perspective on the changing UK landscape and to better understand the challenges, and opportunities, facing UK organisations relative to global trends. 

53% of UK business and IT leaders surveyed for this report say their industries will face significant digital disruption within the next two years, yet 47% have no formal digital transformation strategy in place, with many struggling to capitalise on their technology investments to improve business effectiveness. The research shows that the biggest challenge organisations are facing in accelerating transformation is not necessarily around the new technology itself, but the cultural change required to derive value from it. 

So, how do you create a culture that serves to foster and accelerate digital transformation? In this report there are perspectives from hundreds of CEOs and business leaders from a range of industries, as well as middle managers and junior employees, in addition to insight from subject matter experts like world-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck. Together these perspectives give a real-life view of the cultural changes that are needed to support successful digital transformation.

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