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5 July 2019

Atlas is more about WorkSpace and less about WorkPlace

5 July 2019

Welcome to the new frontier.

With Atlas you can work in a more collaborative, intuitive way…anywhere!

Atlas, the next generation Intelligent Workspace is all about portability. So, everything you’re about to read can be achieved via your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Gone are the days of struggling to find organisational information. With Atlas you’re effortlessly guided to relevant personalised content. Saved searches are refined fast on your homepage and with ‘always there’, powerful searches rapidly surface much needed information. While it has been proven that people get confused wondering which tool to use for the task in hand, Atlas beautifully de-clutters the multitude of overlapping Office 365 tools which allows people to seamlessly navigate through SharePoint, Teams and Yammer intuitively without the need to launch native Office 365 interface.

Atlas also knits together the Collective Intelligence of an organisation enabling people to participate and collaborate in areas across their organisation – this drives trust and engagement in ways that has never been done before. But, most importantly, it pushes content to people based on their personal preferences which makes it relevant and engaging and people see the things they care about.

Want to add something or interested in innovation news? Set it as a preference. Read a great article? Post it with ‘Add It’ one of our fantastic Atlas tools.

Creating an intelligent and engaging digital workspace is part of what Atlas offers, the other being the freedom to achieve all this at this on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.