We’re super excited to launch our brand-new website. Built on Sitecore 9 and designed to help you find what you’re looking for more easily, the all new clearpeople.com introduces our refreshed brand and vision.

To mark the launch of the redesigned clearpeople.com website, we wanted to give you insight into the reasons behind the website’s redevelopment.


Showcase our new brand and define our story

Regular visitors to our site may remember that we last refreshed our brand in 2014 to introduce our “Consultagency™” approach and illustrate ClearPeople’s unique position in the marketplace – a hybrid breed of business offering technical consulting with digital agency services.


Four years later, our Consultagency™ proposition remains the same and we stand firm in our mission to bring clients’ internal and external worlds together, transforming the way people work through the creation of engaging, intelligent digital workspaces. But as the technology landscape has evolved, so too has ClearPeople and our services and solutions. The new website is the perfect platform from which to showcase our evolution. Not only does it reflect the maturity of our business through the sleek and modern redesign, muted colour palette and daring visuals, but it logically presents the ways in which we can help our clients digitally transform, guiding them through an intuitive online journey of our services.  

Improved search and navigation

One of the most important things we tell our clients is to constantly innovate based on user feedback. We listened to feedback from our website visitors and saw that finding the right content was an area that could do with some improvement. We started with redesigning the homepage.

  • The carousel now highlights the content we want our visitors to actively engage with. Space for vivid imagery and video entices the audience to discover more
  • We asked ourselves what isn’t being said on our website and do our website visitors really understand what we can help them with? Therefore, we’ve introduced the banner and featured spotlights to reinforce ClearPeople’s proposition, meaning we can actively promote the services and solutions that will help our clients on their transformation journey


Sitecore website


  • Key statistics provide website visitors with essential insight into our business and tells our story in a simplistic way
  • Quick links to our most recent content including news articles, blogs and events mean visitors can very quickly click through to the content relevant to them.

Next, we looked at the main navigation and aimed to simplify it. We had outgrown our last site which was initially only designed to be two levels deep. As it organically evolved, the navigation structure wasn’t fit for purpose, so we started from scratch. By conducting card-sorting exercises and tree testing, we’ve redefined the whole information architecture, and introduced a consistent sub-navigation and breadcrumb which means users now know exactly where they are in the site and can plan their online journey more easily.


The new website also includes site-wide search, available from the top navigation. So even though the site is now much easier to navigate, for those who know exactly what they want to find, all they need to do is type in the keywords and they will be presented with the most relevant content with the ability to further filter it by date, topic and author. 

Mobile experience

With almost a quarter of our website traffic coming from mobile devices, we’ve ensured that the website content can be viewed seamlessly across desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones. 

Easier to engage with us

We get many different types of visitors to our website. From current clients looking to get in touch to prospects checking out our credentials; from job seekers looking for a new role to information seekers and the press; we want all these audience types to have an enjoyable experience on our website and be able to get in touch with us through whichever channel they choose. We’ve worked hard to ensure that our communication routes are consistent from telephone and website enquiries through to a good old-fashioned cup of tea at one of our offices.


Sitecore website


We’ve included key calls to action on every page and you’re now able to provide comments on our blogs and articles. We’ve simplified our website forms and they’ll recognise you if you’re a returning visitor, so you’ll never have to submit your details more than once. Behind the scenes, our forms are synced with our CRM system making it easier for us in the marketing team to provide you with relevant content in the future. Of course, with cool features like this we’ve updated our Privacy and Cookies policy in line with the General Data Protection Regulation and have ensured we follow a strict double opt-in process with easy routes to unsubscribe, should you want us to scrub out all your data.

Improved Insights

As much of our audience only come to us for content on how to improve their digital processes, we’ve improved our insights section to make it much easier to get your hands on our whitepapers, guides and expert opinion.

Utilising Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA)

We developed our new website utilising Sitecore SXA on Sitecore version 9. With SXA we were able to:

  • Accelerate the delivery of the website using standard functionality with minimum CMS development
  • Enable different work streams to run in parallel, so content editors were able to do their stuff whilst the front-end team did theirs
  • Assemble sites using responsive and reusable renderings and choose between different grid systems
  • Use themes to enable brand consistency


Sitecore website

In a nutshell, Sitecore SXA has meant that we’ve been able to develop an intelligent and personalised website quickly, massively decreasing production times owing to its flexible template framework.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our new website and we welcome all your feedback. The development of clearpeople.com has very much been an iterative process so any feedback we do receive will be worked into a backlog of items that we’ll continually work through to constantly improve and make sure our website gets better and better.


Author bio

Ricky Wallace
Ricky Wallace
Marketing Manager
I manage the delivery of ClearPeople’s marketing strategy. When I’m not getting excited about delighting customers with exceptional experiences, researching the latest tech trends or analysing data to glean insight, I’m often seen dancing to Little Mix or watching Emmerdale.


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