If your organisation is using an intranet, then you know the amount of important information the platform holds that makes the working lives of staff easier. You’ll also understand the challenge of keeping this information up-to-date and ensuring that it can easily be surfaced at the right time by the right people. And where do you go to if you have questions? Is there someone in your organisation responsible for the intranet? If there isn’t, there should be!

For me, it is essential to have a specific person or group of people who are responsible for the coordination of your digital workspace. It’s the place to share knowledge, encourage team collaboration and provide staff with the tools to get their jobs done more easily. Key to an intranet’s success is how engaged people are with it. It can contain the best knowledge and resources your company has to offer, but if it isn’t actively being used by your employees, it’s just a wasted investment. You can read more about an effective intranet in our previous blog.  

In order to keep people engaged with your intranet, you need to keep it relevant and up to date. So, who is going to be responsible for this? How do you choose the right person? What makes a successful intranet manager? 

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Communication skills 

Your intranet is all about communication. People need to be informed about all that’s happening in your organisation and communication needs to be done in a clear manner. HR and Internal Communications professionals are most likely to have good communication skills and know how to deal with the needs of different teams. As the intranet manager you are the go-to person for all questions related to the intranet. Both written and verbal communication skills are important as you’ll be engaging with people at all levels throughout the business.  


An intranet manager needs to be able to create new content, as well as reviewing, editing and managing it. Think about newsletters, policies, company news, reports, office parties, etc. A bit of creativity is required too – the intranet should be a fun and engaging place to be!  

Coordination skills 

An intranet contains information from all different departments in your organisation, often distributed in different team sites. As an intranet manager you need to be able to communicate and coordinate between different teams to keep the intranet updated, ensure it is governed properly and that it continues to align with business objectives.  


Nowadays, the content management, governance and information architecture are not as complicated as they once were. However, the intranet is underpinned by technology and a more intelligent digital workspace will integrate with other line of business systems. Therefore, a successful intranet manager will have a good understanding of IT and be able to create new sites, make changes, give permissions, etc. The IT department can be less involved as the need for coding within an intranet has minimised, but a basic understanding of coding in the language relevant to your system is certainly beneficial. Technology evolves, so up to date knowledge of the intranet software is essential.

People skills

You’ll work with all the different departments in your organisation, so you’ll need to be able to effectively deal with different types of people. Working with your intranet users to get a better understanding of their requirements is essential. You’ll be central to explaining, advising and encouraging users how to best use the intranet. It can be challenging working with lots of stakeholders and users of varying levels of IT competency, so a little patience is certainly required.  

At ClearPeople we have many years of experience delivering SharePoint intranets. If you have a SharePoint intranet, the Office applications are seamlessly integrated within your intranet and therefore it is essential for an intranet manager to know how to work with the Office apps like Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and even the newer apps like Forms and Teams. 

If you’ve found the perfect intranet manager for your intranet but can use a bit of help with making your intranet a success, then don’t hesitate to get in touch

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Petula Aardenburg
Petula Aardenburg
Sales and Marketing Coordinator
I work within the Sales and Marketing Team. My day consists of a variety of tasks from keeping our customer database up to date to handling sales enquiries and assisting with the preparation of proposals and presentations. In my spare time, I love to cook. Also, I’m a real animal friend!


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