If you are user-centred, people are more likely to adopt new technology especially if they can see how it helps them to achieve their goals and objectives.

User-centred design (UCD) focuses on what users need and then balancing this with business requirements as well as technology capability. Employees therefore love the change because it helps them achieve their goals and get things done more effectively.


By implementing user or employee centric technology into your company, it demonstrates that you value the work they do and want to help them accomplish their goals. It’s an investment in not just the technology but the users too. This in return improves the employees’ loyalty to the company.


As users have a designed technology focused around their needs and requirements they usually react in a positive manner, increasing efficiency. This employee-centric workplace technology gives more autonomy to the employees, creating an empowered workforce. This in return provides the employees with more confidence and self-reliance, improving upon their own skills and responsibilities.


User-centred technology adoption can also improve business outcomes. With the proper analytic tools integrated with the new technology, the data that is received from employee usage can be analysed to evaluate areas for improvement. By generating feedback in real time, management can identify areas for improvements or where the technology isn’t being correctly utilised.


If your organisation is currently struggling with adopting new technology, then do also join our Driving Office 365 Adoption to Achieve Success webinar on the 18th of December 2018. In this session myself and Barry Wakelin (Operations Director), will uncover ways you can successfully introduce, integrate and continually develop your Microsoft Office 365 platform. We will talk further about successful adoption tips and overcoming common challenges that organisations face.

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Katya Linossi
Katya Linossi
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My job is to shape the vision, strategy, culture and performance of ClearPeople. Other than being passionate about helping our clients digitally transform, I enjoy planning our next travel adventure or trying out a new recipe. You will also find me on a yoga mat most mornings.


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