Last week I posted a high-level summary of tips for successful technology adoption and as promised, I'm going to delve into some of these tips in more detail.

At face value, this tip is obvious. However, you won’t believe how many organisations implement technology without reviewing their organisational goals before they select software systems or tools. Make sure these goals are SMART. You may have heard of SMART goals before, but do you always apply this to your goal setting process? 

  • Specific. The goal must be clear and defined.
  • Measurable. Being able to measure a goal will allow you to track its degree of success.
  • Attainable. Set goals that are possible to achieve and not beyond reach.
  • Relevant. Set a goal relevant to the purpose of the technology.
  • Timely. A deadline for the goal will help you to monitor its success and time taken.

Technology firms are often product-focused, which means that the product is often sold on the basis of how an organisation can adapt to a tool or product, not how a tool or product can adapt to that organisation.

To decide if a piece of technology is right for your organisation, you can also use the “five whys” technique to understand the goals, scope and risks of your project. You can ask and answer questions like:

  1. “Why do we need a new system?”
  2. “Why will a new system solve our problem? Write out what the issue is as well as the goal, and then how a new technology solution may help you achieve the goal.
  3. “Why can we not do this without a new tool or system?” This can help determine if the goal could be achieved without technology. 
  4. “Why did the old system fail?”
  5. “Why did we not replace the old system sooner?

Posing such simple questions ensures whether changing something else like a process or adapting a current solution couldn’t achieve the same goal. 
The answers will anchor the evaluation process in the most important needs, timelines and risks associated with acquiring new technology.

If your organisation is currently struggling with adopting new technology, then do also join our Driving Office 365 Adoption to Achieve Success webinar on the 18th of December 2018. In this session myself and Barry Wakelin (Operations Director), will uncover ways you can successfully introduce, integrate and continually develop your Microsoft Office 365 platform. We will talk further about successful adoption tips and overcoming common challenges that organisations face.

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Katya Linossi
Katya Linossi
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My job is to shape the vision, strategy, culture and performance of ClearPeople. Other than being passionate about helping our clients digitally transform, I enjoy planning our next travel adventure or trying out a new recipe. You will also find me on a yoga mat most mornings.


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