A cool Microsoft App that may have flown under your radar in at the beginning of this year is Microsoft's StaffHub.

StaffHub caters to the business or organisation that has the often overlooked 'deskless worker'. In fact, in the digital workspace it is the deskless worker (the people you hire not sitting behind a traditional setup all day, but rather, 'on the field' working directly with your clients) who has one of the strongest use case when it comes to working 'digitally' and away from the typical office workplace. 


What's it for? 

As mentioned above, StaffHub is for your deskless workers to... work! Construction workers, nurses, caterers -just a few of many careers where mobility is necessary- need access to information on a daily basis. They may need to know locations, shifts and the necessary tools for a job and it's more than likely they won't have access to a desk and laptop. On the opposite side of this, it's your management teams that need to be communicating this to them, using cumbersome traditional touch points like email and phone calls can't be trusted to efficiently communicate everything that needs to keep your workers informed, so there has to be a better way. 


The solution to this issue is StaffHub's cloud based platform that can be accessed fluidly across a range of digital devices. Be it manager's desktops in the head office, or your workers' smartphone at a client location miles away. The aim of the app is the empowerment of your workforce to be able to communicate, manage time and share content between each other in the most accessible, hassle free way possible. 


What can it do? 

Well, depending on whether you're a manager or a deskless worker, you're going to want to be able to do different things. 


Managers  Workers 
Create teams in the system View upcoming schedules 
Create/view/update schedules Swap a shift
Manage workers requests Request time off
Communicate with your team Communicate with your team
Share content and information           View content

How can I find out more?

ClearPeople has worked extensively on a variety of digital workplace solutions with an ever bigger variety of Microsoft tools and platforms. If you'd like to find out more you can get in touch with us so we can tailor a digital workspace solution that's right for you and your needs. 


For more on StaffHub you can read here

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Faizan Shaikh
User Engagement Analyst
Faizan is a User Engagement Analyst


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