Good collaboration with your colleagues is a major factor in making your work life easier and a key element of a happier workforce. But also, good collaboration will just make things easier, helps you to understand things better and helps to get things done. And with the right tools in-house, collaboration can be even more efficient.

Microsoft’s Office 365 Groups is all about collaboration. This cool service works with all the other Office 365 tools like Outlook, Calendar and Yammer and brings things on a specific subject, like a project, a case or a client, together and enables you to easily collaborate with your colleagues.

This sounds like something professionals in the legal sector definitely need to have; all information related to a specific client, case or project available in a centralised place.

As a result of market consolidation, globalisation, regulatory change, greater corporatisation and the use of new legal structures, the role of technology in the legal industry is being recognised more than ever. Concerned with keeping up with heavy workloads while protecting client information, legal professionals have less time, tighter schedules and more data to work with than ever.

Let’s have a look at all the benefits that Groups can bring to law firms and legal departments.

  1. Groups is integrated in Outlook. You can have conversations with your colleagues, which is like sending an email but directly to the right people you need to talk to, for example to your client or your colleague who is working on the same case as you, and not missing anyone. And if you do, you can easily add a new group member and he/she will get quickly up to date as the whole history of this subject is available at this single place.
  2. A notebook will be automatically created which is a OneNote file. This is great to use to brainstorm about ideas together with your team and writing down important meeting notes.
  3. You’ll also get a shared calendar. This is the same as an Outlook calendar, but specifically belongs to the group. You can add important meetings and deadlines and invite the whole team. All your team mates will now have a clear overview of the timeline of this project, client or case.
  4. SharePoint Document Library – You probably have a lot of different documents for each client and created lots of different folders for each of them. When your colleague is asking for a specific document, you might spend several minutes clicking through your folders to find the right document. Groups enables you to respond faster to client needs and make better, quicker decisions. When you create a Group, you will get a SharePoint Document Library, a central place to store and share your files, which is actually OneDrive. For example, all client related information is stored here and easy to find so you can share it easily.
  5. In Planner you can assign tasks among your group member which makes it easy to see who needs to do what and what has been done already. Also, this helps you to prioritise your tasks.

Everything mentioned above will be automatically created once you create a new group. Your group will also be on Yammer. 

It’s like a distribution list but also has the benefits of connecting to a team site and SharePoint. Groups is just a collection of everything you need for a specific project or client. E-mails, OneDrive files, a Yammer conversation, everything will be merged together in Groups and is easy and quick to access. This also makes it a great user experience!

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Petula Aardenburg
Petula Aardenburg
Sales and Marketing Coordinator
I work within the Sales and Marketing Team. My day consists of a variety of tasks from keeping our customer database up to date to handling sales enquiries and assisting with the preparation of proposals and presentations. In my spare time, I love to cook. Also, I’m a real animal friend!


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