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We're back to round off our Yammer tips this month. We found last month's article was greatly received and appreciated by many of our clients trying to engage their colleagues in the Yammer experience. As a result we're going to be highlighting useful tips and tricks for other Microsoft applications.
  1. Use the praise feature! There’s no better way to show recognition to someone in your team or company that’s doing a great job
  2. We’re all used to the Out of Office feature in Outlook but to make it clear you’re unavailable in Yammer, go in to your Yammer profile and add (OOO until xxx date) after your surname, it will then appear as part of your name each time someone mentions you
  3. Download the Yammer app on your mobile phone, the apps are generally as feature rich as the browser version but I find it’s a quick an easy way to keep track of Yammer when I’m on the move
  4. Take a look at your Yammer Analytics – it’ll give you a good idea of how Yammer is being used and how engagement is growing over time
  5. Create an ‘Ask Anything’ group. This is one of the best groups we’ve created and is one of our most used, it provides an open forum to the whole company to post any question they might have on any topic – it’s sometimes tricky to find the correct group to post a question in or the question really might not require it’s own group. This provides an area for anything and everything. A couple of examples of recent questions posted in our Ask Anything group, Microsoft Project use, read-only files, camera recommendations and even a request for headache tablets!

If you want to talk more about utilising Yammer at your organisation, get in touch with us and we'll be happy to talk to you through your digital workspace strategy.

Author bio

Emma Stern
Emma Stern
Head of Managed Services
I love developing and implementing our managed services strategy, but I am most passionate about client satisfaction, the end user experience and I absolutely LOVE Yammer. When I’m not working, I’m training for Tough Mudder, hiking, travelling the world or being a cat mom.


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